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Help!! I seem to have tried everything, which diet shall i follow?

I woke up this morning with a strong feeling that this is it now, I need to get on a diet and stick to it but I’m confused as to which one to follow. I seem to have tried them all in the past, WW (didn’t like the fact you could eat cakes, microwave meals etc) SW (love the diet but the more food I can eat the more I crave it, I have to say it is my favourite but I have never succeed on it) LL (lost 21lb in 3 weeks but I run out of money at the time and I would like to do a VLCD again but the thought of having to sit there for 2 hours a week does not do it for me). I’m thinking about starting the CD as the option of food is taken away from me or maybe subscribing to Tesco diets and having the menus set up for me.
Can anyone give me any advice to point me in the right direction or any tips to get me really motivated? I know it might sound like I’m trying to find flaws in the diets I have tried so I have an excuse to not do them again but it’s not like that, I’m desperate to lose but need to do it right this time.
Thanks xxxx
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I have tried everything under the sun as well. I actually think weight watchers because you can decide what to eat and it's everyday food if you want. You don't have to eat buns or ready meals. I have spent a fortune. Doing ww using this forum and a friend.


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Or just calorie count. That way you sent your own diet. If you want to ban microwave foods or cakes you can.
Hi and welcome. There's plenty of choice out there. And some have changed since you last tried them. Have a look at all the websites and see which one suits you best. Good luck.

Irene xx
I am thinking about doing the CD as i do want results quickly and if i have an occasion where food is involved stick to low calorie and low fat. I became obsessed on WW with the treats and thinking what i can have with my points i then bought the cakes and didnt have the will power to just eat one. Coley how many calories a day did you stick to? Thanks for your help?


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I've just come off CD so I'm on 1000 cals at the moment but I'll build up to at least 1200. I've been dieting for a LONG time and have a thyroid problem so I need less calories than the average person.

There are online calculators that work out how many calories you need a day - just subtract between 500-1000 off that to find an amount to eat to lose 1-2 pounds a week. It isn't fast though...
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I was in your boat until just before crimbo i saw an ad for diet called New You....works similar to LL and CD. However more perks (well in MY opinion) more choice = bars, wafers, shakes, soups, meals, snacks, hot drinks, water flavourings, no formal meeting = webinar each week and endless support/contact from counsellor, alot cheaper = approx £32 a week!

Unfortuantely there is no specific forum on here as yet for the VLCD so please ask me any questions you may have on it - if i had of known it exisited i would of been on it a long time ago.....to date in 6 weeks ive lost 20lbs.....TOGETHER we CAN and WILL do this...xxxx
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I'm new too, and like you I've tried most diets (Rosemary Connelly, Atkins, Xenical, Cambridge to name but a few). Lost 3 stone with xenical (after about 9 months it just stopped working for me), and 4.5 stone with Cambridge (4 stone of which went back on just about as fast as it had come off). Now I've come to the conclusion that I need to change my entire lifestyle, not just go for the quick fix option (which Cambridge was for me - though I gather when it works it does so fantastically, it just wasn't for me). Anyway enough of me rambling on, all I really wanted to say was whichever way you opt for, good luck!
Hey there.. I have been on weight watchers for about two years but have stayed the same over the last two.. In my first week I lost 7lbs and then lost three stone that year!
I can honestly say that weight watchers is the only diet that has worked for me as u can still have crisps, choc or treats but just a lower fat option or smaller peices..
Just before Xmas I was desperate to loose the last few lbs so decided to go on the Cambridge diet.. I have to tell u u have to have will power!! I lasted not even a day!! It is a very succesfull diet to get the weight off but it's not a lifestyle u can keep to for years.. Unlike ww u can still eat the same as everone else but just smaller portions..

I wish u luck in loosing the weight whichever diet u choose.. X

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