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Help - ideas for sw party food (that isn't obviously sw food!!)

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Help please, its Bens 9th Birthday on 25th Jan and on 23 Jan we are having all his relatives over for the usual celebrations.

In view of my recent weight losses I obviously do not want to spoil my diet but need to put on a buffet, and for once I would like the majority of it to be SW friendly.

The obvious suspects would be :

savoury rice
pasta salad
meat platter

But both of our families like things such as Pork Pie, Scotch eggs, peanuts, and crisps, quiche, sausages on sticks, garlic bread, pizza fingers, cheese & biscuits, sandwiches (on white bread), all the usual buffet suspects.

Last year I made up my own little buffet of my favourite SW goodies but still struggled to avoid the higher synned snacks, hence the change of tatics and the plan to make more SW friendly food.

So I would be very grateful if my friends on here could put heads together and come up with some simple party food ideas, as I dont have much time to prepare items on the day or even the day before.

Many thanks


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Hmmmm I've been racking my brain but all I can seem to think of is maybe: Fruit sticks, Like grape & slice of strawberry on a stick.
Stuffed egg's? Boiled egg then mash the yolk in with some tuna/lite mayo. I have these in the fridge most days as little snacks.. You can fill with cous cous & well anything really.
Stuffed potatoe skins? With Lite cheese & lean bacon? Or laughing cow lite?
Pinapple on sticks - maybe try with half a lite cheese triange which has been in the freezer for a short while (just to hold it together)

Those Ryvita chocolates are lush.. 4 ryvita's 1 tbs water, 4 tbs Nutella, 1 tbs syrup.. meant to make about 20 at 1 syn each but I like to make 10 at 2 syns each as there's no way you could just eat 1 anyway.
SW wedges are a fav at our house on snack nights when friends come round, I make up a little spice with chilli powder, cumin, & basil and they are quite tasty. I make them really chunky.

Hope you have fun!
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nothing stopping you making the scotch eggs, afterall its only egg wrapped in sausagemeat and use cous cous to coat them, there is something on sw website about picnic foods x

somebody even used bread mix from tesco for syn free pizza, depends how much cooking you want to do
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I think the quorn picnic eggs are low syn and you really cant taste the difference.

Get some of the low syn sausages and cut them into threes for sausages on sticks.

Nimble white bread tastes as good as white bread to use it to make sarnies, no butter in them just syn free fillings mixed with light mayo. (2 slices are a B box)

Fruit Kebabs - various chopped fruit on cocktail sticks


Sugar Free various flavour pop.

Most are not syn free, however they are a fraction of the syn cost.

I have in the past made a mental noe of the whole syn value of the buffet I have made, that way you always have a good idea of what you have used!


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There was something on the forum about the tesco bread mix being a healthy extra that you could make into a pizza base and make your own pizza fingers?
Also (I know you'll be running out of healthy extras) how about making your own garlic bread? I like to make it with a wholemeal baguette, cut slices into it and then fill in the gaps with a combination of low fat butter, herbs (just dried mixed herbs are fine.. gives it a bit of colour) and some crushed garlic. Wrap it in foil and bob in the oven for a bit. I know the butter would involve some syns so I don't know how many syns are in garlic puree which might be another option. I've seen chefs on t.v. just rubbing a piece of garlic on bread to make it garlic bread but i've never been convinced.. you could give it a bash though?
Also I don't know what was decided about whether slimming world crisps are free or not but I guess they're more free than bought crisps?
For sausages on sticks I would have said about getting the morrisons eat smart ones and chopping them into quarters or halves, but now they're no longer free aparently which is annoying! Still only half a syn each though and I think other supermarkets do them. I noticed morrisons do some eat smart chipolata sausages so I don't know how many syns they are?
What about mini chiken tikka kebabs? I mix fat free yogurt, crushed garlic, finely chopped red chilli and a combination of tikka and tandori spice mix and shove pieces chicken in, mix, thread onto skewers then grill. If you do make these try and make up the mix and maranade them overnight.. makes them a million times nicer!
I was reading on the forum about a recipe for quiches but I don't know if it's any good because not keen on them..
I have absolute zero will power with buffets.. Good luck!


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Why not make a sw friendly casserole i'm sure people would appreciate something warm with the cold weather we are having or some small jacket pots with sw friendly fillings.

You could parboil some new pots and then roast them in frylight, mixed herbs, S+P. You could serve the hot food alongside more traditional buffet foods :D


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Again using healthy extra bread... but today I made some chicken nuggets by chopping up chicken breast, dipping them in egg and then dipping them in bread crumbs with some jerk seasoning and herbs in and then put them in the oven...


rainbows holiday buddy :)
why don't you lay the food out so your SW food is at one end of the table and the other food is at the other and tell yourself to only eat from the SW end.

when they all have cake you could make a big fruit salad and have meringue and creme fraiche with it.
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Yay for SW buffets! I think as you're doing the catering, why not make it all SW friendly and give your guests some healthy, tasty food. They probably won't even notice anything is 'low fat'!

Here are some of the things on my ideal SW buffet:

  • boiled egg halves (why bother with scotch eggs? Just boil and serve. Add some extra light mayo on top for a little syn if you like?)
  • Cold meat platter
  • melon wrapped in parma ham
  • chicken goujons
  • chicken legs
  • tomato and mozzarella salad (he for the cheese)
  • jacket potato wedges (oven baked, of course, seasoned with smoked paprika)
  • a big pot of chilli and some boiled rice (for those who fancy something hot and hearty)
  • seafood platter - prawns, smoked salmon, crabsticks, crayfish tails
  • Rice and pasta salads with loads of superfree veggies
  • slices of beetroot and some pickled onions
  • crudites and houmous
  • big bowl of fresh fruit salad - with mini meringues for a few syns.
I could go on and on! I love doing buffets...loads of nice picky bits. Yum.
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I made the falefals in the SW mag and my 12 year old absolutely loved them - you could make them as a finger food.
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some great ideas on here need to remember for girls nights in :)
i am having a girlie night in on Tuesday

i am gonna prepare the following:

carrot batons with doritos mild salsa - any ideas on the syns in this?

couscous with med flavouring and chopped up peppers

flavoured savoury rice


chargrilled chicken (to put in the

croutons (for the salad)

ceaser dressing (for the salad)

all the salad items will be separate so people can add what they like or dont like

fruit sticks - melon and grapes on cocktail sticks

mullerlights with mini merunges crushed up on top

quorn pieces and home made tomato and herb sauce (chopped toms and spices)

xxx hope that helps you have some ideas xxx

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