Help - I'm cold!!!


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:confused: Is anyone else feeling the cold more on this diet?

Every evening now I tend to get really, really cold no matter how warm it is at home. Normally I'm really hot, so it is unlike me. This weather doesn't seem to help either. I have been going to bed much earlier too, not just to get me out of the kitchen but it's the only place I can get warm! Brrrrrr!
It's ketosis. Basically your body hasn't got enough 'energy' to heat you, so you feel the cold a lot more. It's a good sign, promise, cos it means your body is burning fat ;)
I am sitting in an apparently very hot house and my nose and fingers are like ice -blocks. I can't get warm either. I have loads of layers on! Its the only part of this diet that I find hard to adjust to but its still worth it.
yup, sorry but you're gonna be cold till you stop!

I have gotten used to it a little, and theres room under my jackets now for the extra clothes I need to wear!

I find if I drink my flavoured water hot, that seems to help, and having soup packs most of the time rather than shakes.... and lots of green tea.

and the sexiest of bedtime accessories.....a hot water bottle!

You do get used to feeling chilly but since the cold snap this week I have been sat in my fleece jacket as well as having the heating on full. Everyone else is toasty except me.
:D Yeah I feel like the picture of your Tigger magickmel. D_Q said it's because we're burning fat. Long may I freeze!!

D_Q is that Dermott O'Leary in your picture? You lucky thing!
Hey that's a good idea. I might invest in one of those.

I have just heated my hot water bottle and have got that on my lap. I think I'll also have my hot chocky soon and go to bed and read the LL Foundation book.
I have to confess, that I'm sitting here under a blanket, with a fleece jumper on, and a hotie bottie under my feed (under the blanket) and feel okay!!

I am normally a scary toasty person ... always warm and in light clothes .. so people are wondering why I'm so cold!!!
It's shocking - I'm constantly wearing thermals, sleeping in them and everything!! :p Roll on the summer - skinnier and cool in the heat!! :D

I too am feeling the cold much more lately.

I have constantly got the fire on and sat on tp of it each evening, my hubby is sweating under the heat and I am all wrapped up like an eskimo.

Oh well at least when summer comes I will be slim and warm !!! :D
Yeah I can't wait until the summer. I was so hot last summer, sweaty and grumpy most of the time. Main problem was that I didn't want to show off fat arms and fat tummy so kept covering myself up no matter how hot I was.

Roll on this summer when we will all feel the nice warm sun on our bare arms and we can wear strappy little tops.:)
In the words of Nicky from Big Brother,

"I'm sooooooooooo cooooooooooollllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllld".

Hubby has put this as my ring tone on my phone!!! Cheeky git!!!

My boss keeps giving me funny looks as i am sat here in my duvet, (padded jacket down to my knees):eek:
Thanks everyone - I'm really glad it's not just me! :eek: :D

I've never been this cold before - I'm trying to enjoy the novelty since I'm usually too hot when everyone else is shivering! ;)

I've just bought some furry slippers and my first pair of boots for at least 25 years... :eek:
I'm even drinking (decaf) coffee - which I hate!! :( Anything to try to warm up a bit. :eek: :)

I've been looking for one of those hot water bottles that you microwave, preferably without any lavender etc. since strong smells give me a headache. Anyone know where I can get one...? :confused: