Help!!! I'm going to the cinema....


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...bringin Chloe to the cinema to celebrate cos she passed her taekwando grading and is now a yellow belt (so proud of my little girl!!) ANYWAY, I was going to make some CD crisps to bring with me and just want to make sure that they will be ok and dont have to be eaten in a certain amount of time, like the soups & shakes? If anyone can tel me I will be really happy!!

When the packs are 'cooked' they do lose some nutrients so you shouldn't 'cook' more than 1 pack a day. Once they're 'cooked' though they don't lose any further nutrients so you don't have to eat them straight away.

I've taken crisps to the cinema with me, they survived and so did I! I usually take a bar though and nibble on it tiny bit by bit to try and make it last the whole film:D

What are you going to watch, we're off to see Barnyard later.
Hi Kazz

Have a nice trip out. I'm sure you will be fine. Just remember that eating in the dark does count just the same!

Think we all forget that sometimes.

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I usually take a bar to the cinema and a big bottle of water.

Took my nephew to see Barnyard on Thursday, he wanted to watch it again.
Went to see Hoodwinked last weekend, it was ok but not not as good as the trailer implied, DH and DS thought it was great though and as DH is the biggest kid around I think his reccommendation is probably the one to go by:D :D

I loved it - I guess I'm just a big kid!! :eek::eek: