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25 Day TS Diary

This could either be an epic fail and embarrassment, or the accountability and motivation I need. This is my first time on any such forum.
I have ordered the Exante shakes/bars/soups/meals a while ago and have half heartily attempted Total Solution... I mean, probably even 1/5 heartedly.

From tomorrow, in 25 days I go to Mexico for the first time, on my very first proper holiday with my partner of nearly 3 years. To say the occasion is important is an understatement. We have been through a massive amount, and this is well overdue. 3-4 weeks ago I promised myself I would start this, as then I had 6 weeks to go and aimed for a 2 stone weight loss. Those 3-4 weeks have passed and I havent achieved a thing. As I don't want to feel miserable or extremely self conscious on holiday, I really need to kick myself in gear.

I'm going to try and write in every few days, and will post my weight loss (or gain) every 6 days, starting from tomorrow, until June 12th. Join me. Help me.
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Life is golden
S: 123kg C: 99kg G: 65kg BMI: 29.6 Loss: 24kg(19.51%)
Good luck batwoman! no better time than the present i say! How much do you have to lose? If it's an all or nothing with you then decide to do it properly for the time you have left... and keep that eye on the prize every day when you wake up
My 2 cents
The first week may be a b*tch though so, drink drink drink H2O, get loads of sleep and don't hesitate to have coffee or something for your headaches - it's like a car switching from 6th position to reverse.... without the breaks, you're gonna feel it, but only temporarily, then this little magic thing called ketosis will help you out, and you'll only have your head to worry about
But we're here rooting for you and to attest that it works... mind over matter one day at a time
Hi enlightenme2, thanks so much for the encouragement.

Atlhough I feel the guilt already. Deciding to start on Saturday, when going to Windsor to join the celebrations of Harry & Meghan wasn't the best day to start. So the weekend has been a bit of write off for me. And I am 3 weeks and 2 days away from my holidays (23 days). Here are my stats

Starting Weight (21/05/2018): 77.3kg (170.4 lb) (78.7kg on my partners scales which I will probably have to use as I am at his all week)
Height: 5ft 4

My initial 6 week goal was to lose 2 stone (28lb). However, as I only have just over three weeks to go, I really am aiming to lose anything over one stone in three weeks. Losing 21lb in three weeks would be the ultimate. Any thoughts on this target for three weeks?

As it's my first 'proper' day again, and first weigh in, I will be consistent.

Would love to hear what people lost in 3 weeks if they were 100% dedicated to TS?
S: 16st0lb C: 13st7lb G: 12st0lb Loss: 2st7lb(15.63%)
I've been 100% dedicated and I lost a stone in three weeks - BUT I am much heavier than you and, bear in mind, the first week you always lose a lot due to water weight and whatever other crap your body has stored up.

But listen, look. I sincerely wish you all the well in your weight loss quest but I will say that a VLCD is not a good crash diet. I'm not trying to put you off or discourage you but do have a think about what what is you *truly* want and whether this is the best means to accomplish it. If you undertake a VLCD for three weeks, you will put your body in ketosis and tank your metabolism- if you suddenly swap back to real food the moment you get on holiday you will not only likely undo the hard work you have already done (because you will no longer be in ketosis and your metabolism will be sluggish, so you will gain weight even more quickly than is usual) but you might make yourself pretty unwell as you will not have eaten real food for a while.

I realise this is a special occasion and you don't want to be self-conscious about your body but please do have a think about is best for you. Whatever you decide, I wish you all the best!
Hi castingnasturtiums, thank you so much for the advise. I very much appreciate it. What you say makes good sense, and it was something I was wondering I will see how I get on in the next two weeks and decide what to do in the third week from there.

As for my day today, it went well, I stuck to a shake this morning, the turkey meal replacement pack in the afternoon, and I have had 2 litres of water and a few herbal teas. I did buckle in the evening and had a 270Cal low carb, low fat cooked meal.

I will be in the office tomorrow, so I will struggle at lunchtime to have anything.

So I have been trying to do this 100% but struggled to just stick to the shakes/food packs. I am keeping my calories to around 600-900 per week. Mixing food packs/shakes with low carb low calorie meals. I weighed in today (after 4 full days) at 76.2kg. So a loss of 2.6kg. It;s not the big number a lot of people have been getting but I have to be honest with everyone I haven't stuck to it. I find it hard as in the evenings my partner and I revolve around preparing food/dinner and I feel guilty having a shake and leaving him to it. What I have been sticking to is drinking at least 2 litres of water and having herbal teas. This I feel has definitely helped me keeping full. Another thing I have introduced (which works for me as I am not a breakfast person) is actually Intermittent Fasting alongside this. i.e. not eating anything until 16 hours after my evening meal except coffee. I have not been doing any exercise so far

I will weight in again on Monday to provide my first week results. I have 3 days left of this week, and the weekends are always tough, so fingers crossed!

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