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Help..I'm Hungry

Hi peeps...
Just needed alittle support ...
I'm finding it very difficult at the moment. So far so good not cheated total 100% all the way. But I'm missing eatting, chewing and I'm really hungry, that sounds strange to say, as I have not been so far..
Drinking loads so I'm not sure how to get by...
I'm on the 3rd week and my weigh in is on thursday, so I need to get on the scales and things might be a different matter altogether...
I need Tea that makes everything good...:sign0163::needhug:
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Hey geisha. When I feel like that I feel its important to distract myself. Have a bath, paint my nails, shop online for smaller clothes, look at old photos anything that takes you mind off it. keep going,.think of the resuts and rememberry itsonly a few weeks of your life for great results
Be proud of yourself for not cheating. I think the cold weather is making us all a bit hungrier. If you can face them the flap jacks give you something to chew but they really are an aquired taste!!!
Glad I made you smile!! I have to admit when I first tried them I thought never again. Boy did they make me chew! However now I am eating the peanut ones and hate to say it but I almost enjoy them !!!
Well done for staying 100%!! That's the main thing. I always make a hot drink when I'm feeling hungry, it definitely helps. I also get lost on here for hours on end looking at old posts and before I know it, it's shake time again! Stay well clear from the flapjacks haha. Just them being mentioned turns my stomach lol. Xx
Hey pet wells done for staying 100%- keep focused on why you are doing this and reward yourself with non food treats for doing so well. I wonder are you getting enough rest as I know when I'm tired I feel more hungry and find it more difficult?
There are a whole page of recipes in Deezers diary, you just need to have a look through xx oh all right just mix the choc pack with some sparkling water,put mix on a saucer and cook in microwave for 2- 2 1/2 minutes! Be careful not to let it burn xx But check out the recipe page, it saved me!!!!
OOh will have to try this - chocolate cookies. Yum
oooohhhhh!!! My mouth is watering at the thought!!
..Time to take my loaded-with-cold-self to bed me thinks! x

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