HELP!! I'm new to the cambrdige diet.

Hi everyone, ive been reading all the forums and posts and everyone is so supportive! i need some help!
I have started the cambrdige diet, and stuck to it in my first week (i am now in week 3) i lost 7 1/2 pounds in my first week was so pleased!! i just cant seem to stick to it :( in the week im fine! drinking tons of water and sticking to it but as soon as the weekend comes i end up eating out, or eating while shopping! im tryin so hard but its hard to avoid social occasions!

any advice?? i need help cos i desperatley want to lose the weight but its hard :( xxx
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Percy greenfingers

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Weekends are always my hardest. Got flu this week so didn't go anywhere. You did very well in the first week and no that if you can just stick to it you'll lose weight quickly. It's about changing your mindset. You have to think that while your bodies burning the new stuff you keep feeding it (alcohol included) it won't be burning any of the fat you are so eager to get rid of.
You can do, paint your nails, knit a scarf, tell your friends your on antibotics for an ear infection, but keep going....


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oh i know i am same did brill last week my first week of restart come fri i went out ate and drank and not stopped since getting back on track tom i hope


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Hi Hayley,

I can really understand and sympathise, firstly well done for getting through week 1, that is so tough! As percy greenfingers says you do have to change your mind set a little, weekends are sooo hard for me too, we like to eat out as a family and my hubby eats ice cream/biscuits in front of the tv (and stays skinny!) but I have made a choice to do this and pay alot of money so feel I owe it to myself to give it a good go. I am not saying this is easy and sometimes it gets me down but I just keep thinking it's not forever and if I do it properly it won't be for very long at all in the big scale of things. If I do it half heartedly then it will take longer.
For me a short burst of pain is better than a looong slightly less painful journey!

If SS is proving too difficult at the moment, why not try a higher plan? SS+ you can have a small meal or move to 810 and you have more options? I am no expert so just an idea, you may then be able to ss after a while?

Whatever you do please try to carry on and come on here for some support, good luck xx
Thank you guys :) really helped to read all that :) i no its changing the mindset i no i can do it cos im good in the week! and i no the key is water im finding it hard to stop my cravings! i think cutting out food completely is harder cos u get more cravings!! i mite see if i can do the SS+ im back on track this week so will see how it goes :)