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Nearly a yummy Mummy


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Hi there! ..and Welcome! :)

I'll just go and get some useful links and I'll be back.. in the meantime, the best thing to do is click on the big Minimins sign at the top to always get back to the start, or on 'User CP' to get back to the threads you have posted on..

..and post lots on things like the word games, cause once you have 50 posts you can send and get private messages and everything's a little easier :D

Hi Dione,

I am also on day 3 ss. I am a returner though so have a bit more of an idea what to expect etc.

This forum is fab for support, advice etc or even just lurking. Don't be afraid to ask any question, even if you think its silly.

Also don't be afraid to have a bit of a moan... we are also here to give you a kick up the bum as and when it is needed, hugs too and lots of congratulations on the fabulous losses you WILL have on SS. Theres just no way not too!

I find the first four days the toughest and you are almost there. The important thing to remember is that you have made the most important step in starting and you never ever want to go back to the way you felt having to start ss.

We are both at the start of the journey to becoming the slimmer, fitter, healthier us. IT WILL HAPPEN so long as we stay strong and do this 100%

The one bit of advice I will give Keep glugging water!

Are you sticking to a specific day for weigh ins?

RE: the forum lots of tech support available for things like tickers and how to adjust signatures etc. just go to tutorials on the big blue menu at the top.

Good luck and dont forget to tell us how you are getting on.

Anne-Marie xx


Nearly a yummy Mummy
Hi Anne Marie,

Thank you for the advice and the vote of confidence. The only thing that i have been concerened about is once i start eating normal food (small amounts) surely i will put the weight on? How do you maintain it?
I must admit today i have really struggled and craved food :( but i am sure it will get better :)


Nearly a yummy Mummy

Thankou very much for your help, i will have a look at the link and see if i can get my head around it all xxx

I am back here cos I didn't maintain, I also have loads of food tolerances so the steps up weren't my thing. My weight would jump 5lb in one day Ooops especially after food like sausages!

However I did keep half of it off. So its not all bad. This time round I might not be able to do the steps as I am planning to do this up until my operation then probably go back to Slimming world and stick to Original.

However, I think my main problem was I had body dysmorphia, Basically I was looking at myself in the mirror and not able to see the difference - then again I was never as big in my head as I was in
reality - think I might have some serious issues hehe

This time round I am determined not to fall into the bad habits of alcohol and all that revolves around it, the curry chip/pizza on the way home, the carbs and fry up the next day. Especially as I was doing this 3 times a week minimum whoopsie.

Food Craving is absolutely normal. The hunger pangs go (usually) when you are in ketosis. First time round I also split at least one pack so I had more than 3 drinks per day. This helped. Believe it or not part of my job back then was to take groups of adults with special needs out on social occassions... all too often for dinner. I was easily able to sit and have coffee cos the weight was coming off and this motivated me!

All I can recommend is glug plenty of water, and buy a travel size mouthwash and carry it with you!

Keep on trucking... we're all here to support you

AM x


Nearly a yummy Mummy
Hi Am,
Sorry for the late response. well i have to say i am on day 6 and it is killing me. I am in ketosis yet the hunger pains are unbearable. i am not sure if it because i have been unwell (swine flu) even though i should be getting the all clear tomorrow. I am drinking 3 litres of water every day and doing everything i have been told to do, so why am i ssoooooo hungry? Do you have any advice for me? I could murder an indian and a glass of wine lol lol
Some people do suffer from hunger pains, however most of us become aware of our belly's doing something... it might not even be hunger. I get hungry around food. Move away do something else and the hunger is gone.... with me its mainly mental and about getting my head in the game! Sorry if this isn't much use!

Good luck for the rest of your journey

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