Help! im really struggling!


Hey ppl,
im into my fourth day on my second week of the programe, and im feeling pretty low im struggling to get the four packs in as i just dont want them.

I just dont know what to do! My 9lb lose in the first week is really egging me on but im just finding it quite hard can anyone give me any advise please help if you can it would be much apreciated

Thanx x x x
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I had a phase like this too.. my LLC said that she didnt like the packs but just chucked them down her so I have doen that from time to time.. when I missed a pack the other day I felt terrible physically and mentally the next day so don't do it!

I also seem to alternate between really low and really high.. Almost like I feel so deprived and sorry for myself alternating with proud of myself and excited about my slim future.

Remind yourself how well you've done, what a fab start and be nice to yourself.. this is hard but we'll all help each other get there!


Thanx Jan its nice to know im not going it alone i do keep visualising what i'll be like at the end but it just seems to far awy at the mo.

If i excercise well will that help me loose the weight quicker?

Thanx again x x x


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Drinking the water is the best and quickest way to speeding up weight loss.

Why is it you don't want all your packs??? Could you make one of them into truffles?? crisps?? muffins??


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just thinking, would it help if you 'doubled' one of your shake taking times up? ie mix 2 together..

Why is it you're struggling, is it coz you don't like them or your'e just not hungry??

flirtys idea to cook one of the packs is a good one as then you can 'chew something!'


cool thanx geri im just not hungry so you think mixing th two might help. is there any chance you know how to make the soups into crisps that seems quite appealing


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Gem I have a list of recipes if yuou'd like me to send them to you.. or I'll add them to the sticky'd thread!


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your welcome :D

yep def i reckon having two together may help... try it and see how you go...

to make the crisps you mix the pack with water into a paste, not overly sure how thick it should be, then spread onto some parchment paper or a teflon sheet and pop in the microwave, you can also cook them in the oven..

I'm more of a muffin queen, know how to make them!!

put about 2 tablespoons of water into a rankin dish or thick based mug - add in the pack and mix it all up - should be quite thick - not quite as thick at a dough mixture but not as runny as a cake mixture! then pop in the microwave for about 1min 15 secs - may need a bit longer but keep a close eye on it... you might want to add a sweetner or some water flavouring to it - tis all trial and error really, i prefer mine with nothing added to it...

take it out of the rankin dish or mug straight away other wize it goes rock hard!!

Enjoy :D



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hi guys
has anyone ever made a muffin using a savoury pack? and what was it like? i dont have a sweet tooth at all and would love something savoury to chew on
thanks nat xx


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My advice is you must have all your packs even if not hungry. I think of the packs as medicine to make me slim rather than food and that helps me get them down when I'm having a difficult day.