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Help!!! Im starving and dying for sme pizza!!

Hey, every1. It's day 6 of my sole source, im in ketosis but I'm still hungry. Is that normal? at first i thought maybe its psychological but i do actually feel really hungry, espcially when im at work during the day. :sigh:

Then when i get home all i can think about doing is ordering a pizza.

The first 3 days i started on ss, then moved to ss+ but ive been eaten chicken like theres no tomorrow.

Any ideas? Dnt want to quit need to lose 2.5 stone by end of June. :confused:
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Hi Rosebud, Visualise yourself looking fantastic 2.5 stone lighter, the last diet I went on I dreamt of high carb food all night so I can empathise and I know having just embarked of CD I too will have my moments, stick with it, stay strong.
I just know that your much craved pizza will taste 100 times better when you lost your 2.5 stone, I also know that if you have your pizza NOW you will undo all this hard work you've done so far and you will feel guilty. One word for you or actually three FORGET THE PIZZA
is not worth it :)!!!
I actually had cravings a lot in my first couple of weeks, although I really wasn't hungry. I just ignored them and told myself it just wasn't worth it. Did I really want to be slim, or did I just want this to be another diet that I'd failed at. There's no getting away from it-this is a tough diet, but the rewards are amazing.
ur all right, thanks for the encouragement. i dnt want to quit, i'd feel like such a failure. At least i av weigh in tomro, so im a bit excited about that. when do u actually see the physical difference in weight loss?


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Angie , well said !
ur all right, thanks for the encouragement. i dnt want to quit, i'd feel like such a failure. At least i av weigh in tomro, so im a bit excited about that. when do u actually see the physical difference in weight loss?
I noticed a difference within a week, especially in the shape of my face and I lost my extra chin! Within a month I'd lost over a stone and 18 inches. Two months in I've lost nearly 28 inches and 32lb. 5 of those inches are off my waist and 7 from my hips, so that really notices!


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Hiya hun, hoep it got easier or ya just went to sleep lol
I am only on day 4 & have struggled, nearly divorced hubby on saturday cos he wouldnt let me order a chicken tikka but I am so glad he didnt (he doesnt knwo that tho lol)
Maybe you woudl be better sticking with SS for a while. I thought about SS+ but I thought it may spark my taste buds off & I wonder if thats whats happening with you?
I know that right now I have no control over food whatsoever so am sticking with SS til I feel strong enough to just have a small portion of chick & nowt else.

Good luck with ya weigh in I am sure ya will come out beaming :)

Sammi N

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Take it from someone that did slip up that its not worth the cheat, I have felt so angry at myself since doing so and have now re-evaluated and know the reason im doing this is cos i dont want to stay overweight. Knowing that cd is not going to be forever is a good thought as i am more determined now then ever. Everytime you resist the thought of pizza the closer you are to getting to your goal weight. So well done for sticking at it and good luck for the rest of journey. You will get to where you want to be im sure of it. :)


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if you can stay strong when you wake up in the morning you wont believe how proud you will feel ridiculous how it sounds you will!


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Just wanted to say stick with it.. The first few days and perhaps weeks for some are tough.. but its such a fab diet and you see such great results..
Is there something that you have to look forward to like a holiday or a party.. Visualise yourself look great in a bikini on the beach or a dress that you want to wear when your at goal and you will get there hon xxx
well done for getting this far chick thats fab......but is it such a good idea to swap from ss to ss+ in the same week? I dont know the answer to that one, it is a genuine question if anyone knows the answer.....I ask because I have been doing ss myself but have an anniversary 'do' in a couple of weeks time that I would actually like to join in with, so if its ok may do ss+ for that one day.....xxx


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hope this pizza cravings are no more now hun!
It will get better! just drink some extra water and focus on what you want to look like in a month, 2 months etc!
I do SS and i crave brocolli!!!!! lol. Certainly isnt a bad thing to crave, but even then, i dont give in!
keep repeating "mind over matter"!!!

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