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help- im stressing (long post)


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Hi Everyone,

I am nearly a goal and feel absolutely fantastic. I am thrilled with my weight loss so I feel a bit bad about posting here but i have a problem slightly off topic. Here goes anyway....
I am getting married friday and bought my dress when i was 14 plus stone. It was a size 16-18 and was very tight. Anyway i have had it altered to about a 12ish. the trouble is i bought a strapless bra today from bravissimo (apparently wearing wrong size) and my dress practically falls down when i move around (jumping) I am gutted and want to cry. I only got the dress back last week and thought it was ok when i tried it on but now i've worn it for a bit i realise its still too big. I can grab a handful at the back. While i realise this is good for weightloss, its not good for Friday and i don't know what to do. Its too late to get altered and im so upset and stressed out. I know i won't be jumping around and it would probably be ok if i keep checking its in place but the whole point of losing weight was to feel fab on my wedding day and i wanted to feel fantastic and beautiful and all that. At the moment i just feel disappointed.Ive even thought of going and getting a new one but i love my dress. Do you think i could safety pin it at the side?

I know there is probably not an answer to my dilema but i needed to get it out as the stress has been building all night and i know i can't do anything. OH is not helping.

thanks for listening- On the bright side At least i am happy its too big and not too small!!
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Oh hun, I know your wedding is close but I'm sure there must be something that can be done to make you feel better :)

Is there really no dressmaker around who could do alterations by Friday? Sorry, I'm sure you have already searched for this :eek:

On the subject of safety pins....YES, absolutely, they can be the life saver in loads of situations and may be here. Could you get a family member or some girlfriends to come round and you put the dress on and they pin it for you from the inside? I can see how important it is to wear this dress and you should and feel amazing in it!!!!!

Sorry if you have already tried these things but I couldn't just read your post and not reply :hug99::hug99::hug99:


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Thanks Isis. I will get the girls round- at least they will make me feel better. perhaps they can pin me in it on the day so it stays in place.
Maybe some chicken fillets in your bra might also add to the "getting it to stay above boobies" trick. Worth a shot!
My sister had hers fitted, then happened to get pregnant about 6 weeks before the wedding. 5 days before we could barely get her into her dress and we were terrified. Made her really watch her eating for 5 days, but it was her boobs that had really grown... on the day it split at the back by the zip (after the meal - LOL) we had to sew emergency repairs in the hotel room!


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body tape might help hold it up?!?


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do u know any friends of friends who can alter dresses or safety puns is always a good idea coz it'll look better fitted and not loose.


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oh and have a great day!!!


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Chicken fillets are a good idea. Are there defo no seamstresses near you who can do alterations? Congrats on your losses, you have done fab hun


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Thanks Isis. I will get the girls round- at least they will make me feel better. perhaps they can pin me in it on the day so it stays in place.
Absolutely!!!! I've been at 2 weddings where the bride did this and everything was fine. You have 4 whole days yet and I'm sure all will be fine. One friend I know bought some white hook and eyes, like the fastenings on bra's and stitched a few in the inside of her dress to pull it in more. Worked a treat and she was happy at how she looked in it...xxx

Let us know how you get on :)
Sorry no help - just wanted to say i hope your have a lovely wedding day! well done on your weight loss ! ... make sure you ask aound everyone as you never know someones nan or aunt might be a dab hand with a sewing needle - good luck i am sure your look fantatsic !


pin or bra hook it around the back (no-one ever looks there)

And I'm sure dress dilemma or not you will look beautiful on the day!

Congratulations :D


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I just wanted to say well done you have done so well, and I am sure you are going to look stunning on your wedding day and feel like a new person.. You still have four days are you sure there is not someone that can alter it, in this time you may have to pay a little more to get it done quickly but there must be someone locally that can do it..
I hope you have the best day. and Congratulations to you both..
Keep smiling xx

My friend had her dress altered the day before her wedding as the previous dress maker had made such a poor job of the alterations. I believe it was a little bit more expensive, but worth it if you think about how much a wedding costs....get online with yellow pages and phone every number listed...and start begging ha ha im sure you will find someone....Good luck
How exciting to be so close to your wedding day!!! I think Isis's idea of the hook and eyes sounds a really good idea if you can't manage to find anyone to do alterations for you........I remember on my day the hook at the back of my dress kept coming undone and I didn't realise until I saw the photo's, so I know exactly how you feel....I'm sure you'll look absolutely blooming fabulous and can't wait to see the pics after! xxxx


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Update-- Thanks for advice everyone. Feeling a lot calmer today. Managed to find a lady who will alter it tomorrow for me!! im so relieved.


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Yay!!! So glad... have an AMAZING day. You deserve it!!!

Phew!!!!! Don't forget to post us some pics when you get a chance......have a dream day!!

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