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Help! Im struggling in week 1

Hi Everyone!
This is my second go at lighterlife, i am angry at myself for doing so well the first time and putting the weight back on again!
I started on weds and today im just feeling down and struggling not to pick at everything i want like ham, chicken etc!
I havent broken my abstinence and im doing everything i should be - as someone who only likes the soups i think i might be struggling with the non-variety but as soon as i get the bars i know i will feel better!
Any wise words to help me through???
Thanks xx
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Playing the Angel
Hey Alex

You know the diet works and it will get easier as the weight comes off as your motivation will really be back. Have you tried some of the water flavours or the porridge? You say you are in your first week, have you gone into ketosis yet? That should help with the wanting to pick and the hunger pangs. Perhaps reset yourself some SMART goals and look at why you are doing this in the first place? Set small goals to keep you motivated weekly and treat yourself to lots of non food things. I also find blogging on here and keeping myself busy really helps.

Good Luck, you KNOW you can do this!

No wise words I'm afraid ... day 1 for me tomorrow. But like you this isn't my first time :)
I reckon the advice would be ; just take 1 day at a time; your first week is nearly up & then you will have got through the hardest part. Remember how great you felt when you lost the weight the first time round - keep that in mind.
All easy for me to say as I'm not yet abstaining !!!
Good luck - I'm sure you can do it
Let me know how you get on with your WI
Hey girl! Glad you joined! ;)

You know the ropes - thje first few days are the real test. After that remember how easy it got, and how great you felt!? That is what you need to focus on now. :) Just another day or two, and the hunger should fade.

Have lots of distractions for those trying times....hot baths, lotions and potions, or a walk - anything to take your mind off it.

Really focus on how good you felt the first time. You know you can do it, as you did it. Pin your sites on that, and go for it!!!

Come here often - its a great palce for support, and we all help each other get through the tough times.

Chin up - be positive - and make sure you only see the successes of this diet - don't dwell on the negatives. You WILL get there again. :)


Hi All!
I'm feeling a lot better today about things, im just so close to the first weigh in now that i cant wait to see the excellent results that i know will be there!!!;)
Thans for your words of motivation - I am feeling strong and ready to take on anything today! I have bought myself some things to take my mind off the boring abstinence - including a wii fitness game so that should help while away those hours when I usually would be heading for the fridge!
Can someone tell me how you get your ticker to appear???
Thanks Blonde - you are a massive inspiration to me xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Yay!! 9 and a 1/2 pounds off - woo hoo!!
I'm on cloud 9 now!!
Thanks for all the support - now ive got the bars i feel like im gonna be unstoppable!!

WELL DONE! Makes it all worth it, doesn't it?! You're on the way to goal! xx


Releasing the goddess
well done Alex! Stick with it. I am 2 and a half weeks in and have hit the 1 stone mark....that will be you in a blink of an eye x


Happy in my own skin
Well done Alex and TTL.....it will be falling off you before you know it...:)
Well done guys! That is great and it really helps with motivation too!

Kat xx


Releasing the goddess
I cant say it is harder, as I did a lot of cheating last time. Little things like chewing gum and diet coke etc....it really slowed up my weightloss so my journey was not as enjoyable as this time round.

Right or wrong, I weigh myself every morning. For me this works, it helps me understand when my body is holding water etc and keeps me on track as most mornings there is a loss.

DITR - did you get started yesterday? If you,re struggling, check out the slideshow on this site, very inspirational.

Speak soon x
If my scales broke I'd be heartbroken! I get weighed every morning .. its one of the things that keeps me focussed


Releasing the goddess
great, so I am not the only one then! lol. It also keeps me focused and on track. My clothes are looser today, and someone who I have not seen for a few weeks said I look different, but he couldnt think how...I did laugh inside. My LL journey is a secret, only a few close colleagues know. There is nothing worse than listening to people discuss LL without even trying it, or understanding what it is about.

Anyways, I am feeling tired today, so a porridge is for supper and then to bed....speak soon x
Well done Alex, not started LL yet but can't wait.
(Just browsing the posts for inspiration, just about to start the Lighterlife programme, end of month.)

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