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Help - I've come to work without my bar!


Post-Menopausal Maniac!
I usually throw a bar in my handbag the night before I go to work, but I was distracted last night and forgot. I remembered as I was driving along, and by then it was too late!

As a substitute (as I'm still on SS) I'm wondering if it's OK for me to buy a SlimFast bar and eat that instead. Or are there any other kinds or bars that you can buy? Has anyone (esp. CDCs) got any ideas? (It is is only a one-off - I shan't forget again! And I only work one day a week, too - what a dork!

It's about the only time when I've wished I could buy CD in Boots or Superdrug, lol! :eek:
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Post-Menopausal Maniac!
Come on, you lot - I'm going to lunch in 20 minutes!! :rolleyes:


Post-Menopausal Maniac!
I would go and grab a small can of tuna in spring water. Lots of protein, calorie count, very similar to a bar, probably less actually. xx
Good idea, Lorrayne - but it's foood, help! :eek: (Still, I'm sure that one little tin of tuna won't tempt me from the straight and narrow - even birthday cake didn't!)

Just a sidetrack - there was yet another obesity programme on the TV the other night, and they were talking to a gastric band surgeon, who was trying to re-educate his patients. Guess what he has for lunch every day? A tin of tuna, lol!! (You're obviously spot on there, clever girl! :D)


wants big losses!
Yes I would do the same! Oh what a bummer!

All the best


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Can you get to Boots and get an Atkins bar, Jaycey? They're very very similar to the CD bars, I've had one now and then if i've forgotten my bar!


Post-Menopausal Maniac!
I actually did end up with a SlimFast bar, because that's all I could get in the time. (Lunch hour ended up being cut very short, only supermarket other end of town - but Superdrug just round the corner! :eek: And didn't see any Atkins bars in there?)

It was quite nice actually - chocolate and rice crispy type things on it. I got the lowest calorie one (206 calories - I don't know what a CD bar is), but one of the reasons I got it is because they're nutritionally balanced, like our bars. I thought, at least with this I go some way towards getting the same amount of vitamins/minerals etc. that a CD bar gives.

So hopefully not too much harm done!
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