HELP I've gained


:( I am one very depressed lady this weekend. I have done really well so far, lost over 3 st & been good. If I've felt hungry I've had a bit of chicken & I've been fine & still lost etc. I've been out for dinner & stuck to fish & salad, not touched a carb for weeks. So why when I weigh in this week have I gained 3lbs. I could cry I really could. Had I cheated then yeh ok I deserved it, but I haven't. I went out for 1 meal & had seafood & salad drunk at least 3 litres of water a day, I ride my horse most days & I have been on my treadmill 3 times this week as usual.

I was so peed off that tonight I pinched about 5 skinny chips when serving dinner which I've never done & now feel crap :mad:

I've got just over a stone to go & now feel totally despondant & really worried about what the heel is going to happen when I start eating food again, as I don't want it all to whizz back on.

Somebody help slap me round the chops & give me a reason (other than water retention) why I've gained.

But also I am concerned that you may be overdoing it on the treadmill as that can definitely slow weight loss as your system hasn't got the instant energy to go running on a mill.

Hi I'm not running (dodgy knees) but I power walk for 20mins up a slight incline. I'm happy to give it up lol. I'm so fed up I could bawl my eyes out (I know stupid)
It's not stupid at all! We all do this mad diet to lose weight and not put it on but I promise you that you cannot gain fat on 450 calories a day it is IMPOSSIBLE.

I would be very gentle this week on the exercise and I reckon you will have a great loss next week and a big smile on the face!

I agree with icemoose lots of cardio and vlcd arent the best combination could you try a cardio warm up and then a toning/conditioning routine.

If you think about it if you burn say 300 cals on the treadmill, that is a big amount of your daily intake.

Dont give up, put it behind you and focus on the weight loss this week.

Let us all know how you get on .

Chin Up!

:eek: <<<<<BIG HUGS>>>>>>

Hey honey ..... it couldt be water retention or even if your around that time of the month it can make you bloat and be a pound or two heavier! Dont beat your self up please honey.... just hop back on your horse and ride this diet to the end.
If you give up then you won't get to goal weight, if you stick with the diet YOU WILL reach goal weight.

So just hang in there pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease!

Hello, What about other variables what you were wearing when weighed, what time of the day/ month weighed this can make a huge difference for me. Have you tried taking your measurements maybe there will be a nice surprise there. You are certainly due a big loss next week so try to look forward to that too. Keep at it you are really doing great! Dizzy
Don't give up, i have had to due to illness and its pants.

Try to set yourself small targets either diet related or not to give yourself something to focus on.
same clothes, god knows if I'm due on (I'm useless at remembering) I have picked a bit this week at chicken & thats what worries me most. If a little bit of protein can put weight on what the hell will happen later
It can't make you gain weight but if you go abstinant this week and cut the exercise, keep the water going and the packs and you will drop weight. You have to!
If it is then you can mail me a slap :)