Help Ive just cheated

Discussion in 'Lipotrim Forum' started by ampsabelle, 8 July 2014 Social URL.

  1. ampsabelle

    ampsabelle Full Member

    Please help me I was grating some cheese for my son's sandwich and before I knew it a big mouthful was in my gob!!
    Im only on week 1 as well!
    I only had a small bit ( as grated cheese seems more than it is) and then took a big gulp of water which worked.
    Will it affect me????
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  3. hez

    hez Silver Member

    Ampsa, i don't think a mouthful will make any difference. I dont know to be honest lol but you would think it couldn't, could it. Not much help lol xxx
  4. goose

    goose Silver Member

    Sorry you've not had much replies!!

    Honest would not worry about it too much... Better cheese than bread as at least the cheese wont knock you out if ketosis

    You should still get a good loss this week as its not a major cheat or anything! Keep going xxx
  5. was78

    was78 Full Member

    Don't worry about it!! I had a few blips here and there and still lost 2 stone in 5 weeks. Like goose said, better to have done it with protein/fat than carbs xxx keep going, don't give urself grief over it :) xx
  6. LeeJay

    LeeJay Full Member


    Don't be too hard on yourself. I'm sure you will be fine. On my 2nd day of week 2 I got kind of trapped into eating a buffet type lunch at work..... I was going to nip out at lunch to go home for my shake, but everyone decided to work through lunch & finish early. No one at work knows I'm on LT, so refusing to eat anything would have raises eyebrows, so instead I nibbled on a chicken skewer & pushed rice around my place. It took me out of ketosis as I felt hungry for the next few days, but even so I still lost 7lbs. So stay positive, I'm sure you'll be fine :) xx
  7. ampsabelle

    ampsabelle Full Member

    Thanks all Ive been fine since - weigh day tomorrow!
  8. hez

    hez Silver Member

    Let us know how you get on Ampsa xxx
  9. Mini

    Mini Administrator Staff Member

    Good luck with weigh in!
  10. ampsabelle

    ampsabelle Full Member

    Only lost 4 pounds Im so gutted its really put me off doing it. Gonna do one more week see how I get on :(
  11. hez

    hez Silver Member

    4lbs is good. Well done Ampsa xxx what was you hoping for?
  12. goose

    goose Silver Member

    4 lbs of pure fat... U probs didnt have a lot of wAter weight love, honest thsts a good result. Give yourself another week xxx
  13. ampsabelle

    ampsabelle Full Member

    Well you wouldn't think so the way the chemist reacted. she said she expected more for the first week and when I asked could I buy the ketosis sticks she went to talk to another chemist (obviously telling her what a naughty girl Id been with my slither of cheese), and the other woman came out and said in a patronizing tone that due to my cheating the sticks prob wouldn't work anyway so there would be no point buying them!!!!
    (Im gonna put the new thread I put earlier, under here to see what you think)
    Last edited: 11 July 2014
  14. ampsabelle

    ampsabelle Full Member

    Just been formy first weigh in and only lost 4 pounds I’m truly gutted. I probably wouldhave lost more than that on Weight Watchers.
    Admittedly I "cheated" but I cheated with cheddar cheese which is anallowed food in Atkins induction which also brings on ketosis, so surely Ididn't break the ketosis? Also, it was a really small bit so I couldn't haveeaten an excessive amount of calories either.
    Another thing is, I was drinking up to 2 bottles of wine per night up to lastweek, so surely the wine calories alone would have given me a loss of 4 pounds,let alone the tiny amount of calories I’ve been on.
    I’m really despondent now :(:confused:

    (this is what Id put in another thread - any ideas???)
  15. hez

    hez Silver Member

    I would have said you wouldnt have came out of ketosis. Saying that your chemist doesnt sound like the most welcoming of people. Are there any other chemist near you? You have done absolutely brillant, stick with it if u can. If u do any other diet alcohol is probably permitted in moderation. I know you feel like u should have lost more, but they do say a stone a month... Your focusing on the 4, think of the bigger picture. You have stopped drinking altogether, and you have stuck with the diet (i know you cheated, but it was done without thinking, its not like u said I am going to eat ??? It was a natural reaction to something you do everyday). You have it in you, dont give up now. Sending ((hugs)) xxxx
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  16. ampsabelle

    ampsabelle Full Member

    Im trying to be as positive as I can but the only reason I started this thing is because you see fast results. Its a damn hard diet to only see 4 pounds in your first week. If Ive less than 4 next week Im packing it in. thanks for all your support but Ive not seen anyone with less than 7 or 8 pound loss on this forum unless they've cheated alot
  17. Mini

    Mini Administrator Staff Member

    4lb is good and it just means that you did not have a lot of water retention or a big glycogen store.

    A little cheese is not going to have much of an impact...

    Give it a month and then decide if you want to continue as I have seen a good few members with low weight loss in the first week compared to others and they went on to do the same or even better in some cases over time.

    Your body goes into its own unique pattern of weight loss on will have bigger losses than on WW or any of the other diets as you are consuming less calories.

    The ketostixs can be helpful as the beginning just to give you a bit of encouragement but the reality is that once you are doing Lipotrim 100% you will be in ketosis.

    You have done the hardest week and you should pat yourself on the back as it is not an easy diet...I think it is one of the toughest but the results speak for themselves over time.

    Hang in there you are doing well:hug99:
  18. Mini

    Mini Administrator Staff Member

    I did Lipotrim 100% the first week and lost 5.5lbs!
  19. ampsabelle

    ampsabelle Full Member

    How much have you lost altogether Mini?
  20. Mini

    Mini Administrator Staff Member

    17 1/2lb in six weeks but I am a slow loser and have not been 100% but I am only 3lb behind my previous experience on Lipotrim so happy enough with it.

    Weigh in tomorrow:)
  21. ceecee1

    ceecee1 Member

    Ahh I just cheated aswell, i had 2slices of ham a slice of cheese and a small spoon of coleslaw, I'm so gutted and annoyed i haven't touched any food for two weeks

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