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Help - lunch on mothers day, yes or no!

Hi everyone,

I am on day 5 of CD and have done really well and stuck to it, even through the really dark hours of day 3 and the morning of day 4, woke up today at day 5 and felt great - although have a really odd metalic taste in my mouth! Anyway, my husband really wants to go for lunch on sunday as its mothers day and says one lunch should be ok and i can start again on mon... i really dont think i should as what happens if i break it for one salad? Will i have the same day 3 feeling when i start again?? Any advice, i really wont go if it is going to spoil things as im really proud of getting this far as i normally only last 1 day!
PS: How long will it take in all to loose 2 stone?
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Trim T

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It's a shame but some people can find it really hard to get back on track after a 'treat' day. Whereas others can have those days and it doesn't impact on their loss too much. . . . but then they are tempted because they know they got away with it.

I think it's a personal choice, but for me i'm either ss or bust!!

Losing 2 stone shouldn't take long on CD ss, the average on here seems to be around a stone a month. Just imagine the dinner you could have in 2 months time to celebrate reaching your goal.

The thing most people don't understand is that CD is not like other diets, it takes much more will power to eat nothing than to eat healthy. So it's not as easy to jump in and out of.

Good luck with whatever choice you make, i hope it is the right 1 for you xx


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Only you can decide, you could go out and have salad shouldnt do much harm, if you want me to be honest, i would go and let the family have lunch but have a brik instead nice to spend family time together out of the house but it doesnt have to be at the expense of CD.
Just explain how you feel to OH

Hope you have a nice time whatever you decide to do.
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I wouldn't advise breaking your diet for just one salad. There'll be many other Mother's Days in the future (as well as all the other different celebrations/special events that happen throughout the year) and you'll be so proud of yourself when you reach goal and attend them as a slim person.

Most people do find it incredibly tough to get back on the wagon again after breaking the diet - even for one 'healthy' meal - and regret ever doing it.

Go out and have a great time with the family, drink loads of water and take a tetra-brik with you to sip. Tell them you're there to be with them, NOT for the food, and that you really don't mind them having whatever they like as you're doing this for you.

If you stick to it, you should easily lose 2 stone in 2 months as the average loss is 1 stone per month although I have known people lose it even quicker than that - but ONLY if they don't cheat! :)

PS. The metallic taste in your mouth is due to you being in ketosis. Well done! :)
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I announced a couple of weeks ago 'No chocolates for Mothers Day please', so will have to wait and see what Sunday brings ;). Instead of going out for lunch, we're going for a nice family walk and feed the ducks in the park. My idea, it is 'my' day after all. I'd say 'No' to the lunch if I were you, think of the guilty feeling after, is it worth it?

Soon2bslimmer x :)

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To break CD or not to break CD always has huge differences of opinions.......and only you can decide.

You could check out the weather reports, if it's nice then go for a walk and a picnic and bring along a brick for you to have.

You could go for your meal and not eat (I can't do this but that is just me;))

You could go for your meal have a salad, no dressing and some lean meat....you would stay in Ketosis, but you would have to get straight back on it.

You could ask that you don't go for a meal but go and do some other activity instead.

Life will continue to throw these challenges at you, everyone has different ways of dealing with it, some say pretty much 'Nil by mouth you have to do CD 100% all the time' others say '100% 99% percent of the time but if needs must then eat lean meat and salad' However it's your journey and only you can decide the route.

What ever you decide I hope you have a lovely Mothers Day.:D


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If you don't want to, honey, don't... as someone has said already, it's YOUR day! Suggest something you'd like to do and ask OH & kids to go along with it... it's the one day of the year when you get to call the shots, right? Explain it and ask for OH's support and understanding... I think he'll come through when he sees what this means to you. Big hugs,


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I also think its your choice how to spend the day and if the weather stays as nice a family walk would be my choice too.
We are supposed to be going to OHs brother for tea as this is the first 'event' since their dad passed away but i am going to have to find some excuse as to why we can only go for a wee while.
Last time i tried to have an AAM while SSing but ended up giving myself license to continue eating and subsequently fell off the wagon til this week (that was January).
Its your choice but you may end up regretting it.
PS I'm on day 4 and the taste in my mouth is horrible too!
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Personally I wouldn't.When I did LL I did brilliantly until I had a break over Xmas....it's taken me a long time to get my head in the right place to do it again.


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I don't think hubby's quite got the message, has he?! :rolleyes: (They can be so dense, lol!) I think you need to sit him down with a CD leaflet and read him the riot act, poor dear. He needs to understand how the diet works, then he wouldn't ask you such things. (I wonder if he's actually bought into the idea yet?)
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I personally wouldnt, but its up to you. I started this a few days before Valentines day and just posponed the meal. Who says that every time there is an event it has to be about food? There are plenty of other things to do, go for nice walks, have drinks (sparkling water) in a nice country pub, shopping, get a massage, get you nails done, go for a swim, get a spray tan. So many other ways to treat yourself and pamper yourself on mothers day than go for a meal! I personally just think its another commercialised event for shops to sell "themes". Its hard, but if you give in this time, you will then be more tempted to give it as its "easter" "valentines day" "birthday" "dogs birthday" ect. There is so many occasions throughout the year if we ate for every single one of them we'd never lose any weight!

Good luck whatever you do hun! xxx

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that's a no from me!

Hope you all enjoy your meals those that are having them :)

Those who aren't :) Well done! :D
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I try to get my mind to think - the biggest treat of all is getting through another day of CD, I have done the best thing for myself and body looseing weight even though it dosnt always feel like it, I know I feel a lot better at weigh in when I have lost rather than stayed the same or even gained a lb or two through one day of temtation be strong you can do it girl the hard work is done getting to day 5 try not to spoil it and maybe have to start again, you will feel so much better on Monday. Hopefully I can practice what I preach,
BTW I lost two stone in 6 weeks


Team 1 all the way!
I'm having a few slices of chicken, 2 sprouts, 1 piece of brocolli and a piece of cauliflower. Lol.
I am cooking a meal for the in laws so it would be rude not to.
Helen xx

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