Help me avoid stress eating!


Got a life thank you!
I have had one of the most stressful days I have had in a long time (and boy have most days been stressful), culminating beautifully in one of my staff swearing at me and walking out!

I am craving food, I know it is emotional eating and I know that it won't help the situation at all, but I am climbing the walls, literally!

Help me!
hi flopster,
bloody staff eh!!
what you need to do is go and wait outside their house til it's dark and then knock on the door and when they open it give them a punch!!!
Or at least fantasise about it!!
Well funny you should say that, my hubby has just knocked on her door but not to thump her, to tie up some loose ends so we are all acting nicely within the eyes of the law!

I need to make dinner for everyone and go soak in bad day bath salts with rescue remedy I think.
Oh hun - how horrid for you!!

Try not to comfort eat - it will only make you feel worse, won't it?

If you need to binge on something, I find grapes and strawberries have the required effect - if I can afford them lol!

Hope you feel better very soon, hun!
Thanks Isobelle, I avoided it for now! Made the others dinner and came and sat in the lounge with a hot water. Hubby cleared away from dinner and everything is firmly deposited back in the fridge out of the way.

I am going for a bath as soon as the kids are in bed.
Hi Flopster,

I've had an awful day too.

I've been to a funeral and had a Service User shout at me (work for Social Services) and at the moment i really want a glass no a bottle of wine and chocolate (and I don;t usually crave chocolate)

I've stuck my head in a box of double chocolate chip cookies and had a good sniff. I havn't eaten one and am now at te computer until I calm down.

As someone on here posted the other day "I don't need to eat it i already know what it tastes like". This sentence really helps me