Help me!! I am caving in!!


Finally...Life begins
:mad: :(
Oh My goodness I am so angry at myself!

Yesterday I had a hard boiled egg, I was making them for my daughter and my hubby for lunch, I hadn't drunk enough water and my stomach took over and I ate it. Not too bad I suppose it could have been a lot worse...
like today :eek: :( :( :(

I had some lamb, and salad, and have picked at ham from the fridge!

I feel so bad, so angry with myself!
I was doing so well and I can't believe that i gave in to that food monster still lurking inside me!

I know it could have been a lot worse, I could have eaten much more and a lot more sweet stuff.

I am due on soon, so feeling a little emotional too, I can't believe how much food is of a comfort to me! I have been missing it soo much, but I DO want the weightloss more.

I am only on my 4th pint of water now. I made myself busy and painted my fences today to take my mind of it, but am so angry and upset with myself.

I am probably out of ketosis - when will it show on the stick? Straight away or tomorrow? gonna test later.

Promise to self - be back on probably as of NOW!

Thanks for letting me vent everyone.
Honey, we all need somewhere we can dump out all these thoughts and know we won't be judged. You can do this babe
Come on it isn't THAT bad. :)

Work out what led you to eat, try to think of a coping stretegy for the next time it comes up and then draw a line under the whole experience and cary on regardless :D

It takes these little testing times to really get us to examine and challenge our weaknesses. By learning from you experience you come out the other side a stronger person so it's not all bad is it ;)

Now back on the wagon for you young lady :D

Put a bracket round it, its not the end of the world, and it could have been a million times worse. You may even stay in ketosis, you havent stuffed yourself with carbs either.

Go to bed tonight and forget about the food you have eaten. Dont think, oh well I did it yesterday so I might as well do it all weekend. You have been so strong and a little blip does not stop you being good at this or stop you being able to do it.

Next time you look in the firdge or cupboard stop and think, I dont need this, I just need a glass of water.

Even put a note in big red letters on the fridge STOP AND THINK, DO I NEED TO OPEN THIS!

Use every tool available to you just right now to get you over this stage.

You can do this, I am right behind you x

I think its a lot harder to stay focused when your hormones and emotions are sky high... it kind of overtakes will power. saying that, it isnt that bad and as long as you get back on track you will be fine. its not like you really pigged out and ate choccy (something I am going to struggle with so much with pmt!) so just carry on as normal and im sure you will feel better about it in a few days... guilt is horrible, but remember, your doing so well!

Jo x
Hi Angela,

I know your disappointed but try to stay positive. Yes you've eaten but certainly not to the extent that you may have before you started your weight loss. Youre doing so well and you can get back on track

We're all here for you

hi honey

don't get this out of proportion. yes you broke the diet but in a v controlled way and it won't take you out of ketosis. however this is a slippery slope, and if you get away with it you'll be tempted again.

I saw your photos earlier and wow what a difference 4 weeks can make hey?!?!? You WILL be slim in no time but you need to stay strong honey!!

Come on you can do it!! You deserve it!

Luv & Hugs,