Help Me...I Gave in



I am on day 12 of the CD and i have done realy well up until tonite!

I was at leaving party for the kids at work and there was a buffet on. I couldn't help myself.....I ate:

1 mini sausage roll
5 mini cocktail sausages
2 mini pizza (they were realy tiny)

I was really ill afterwards, this might have been because i am so worried, could i have knocked myself out of ketotis! I still feel cold though!

would appreciate any help as feeling a bit of a failure!
I have no idea tbh about the ketosis but start again tomorrow,its a new day new start etc.I am sure one small blip won't matter in the long run :)

sonya x
You might have knocked yourself out of Ketosis, but you should get back to K quickly if you get straight back on the plan. Drinking plenty of water might help.
Draw a line under your small blip, and don't let it become a slippery slope.
You've done great so far - don't beat yourself up about it, you're not a failure, just human. forget it and move on.
Good luck - you can do it!!
I think that's a difficult one to answer hun. I guess only time will tell. You didn't appear to eat too much so I'm sure the damage will be minimal.
I'll keep my fingers crossed for you
Hi Bean,

Don't eat anymore tonight but have some water and you should be okay and no you won't suffer like you did before.

Have your shake in the morning as usual.

The thing about eating on a vlcd is that it is so hard to stop nibbling once you start.

Put this behind you and learn from it.

At the end of the day nothing tastes as good as slim.:)

Love Mini xxx
Thanks everyone for ya help.....Ill down some more water and go to bed!!

Bannana shake for breaky........Yum!!!