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Help me lose weight for the last time!!

G: 10st7lb
Hi, my name is Gail and I'm 38 years old. I am one of lifes yoyo dieters and have done ww many many times along with every other diet going! I have a really bad relationship with food and have had lots of therapy. At last I feel ready to lose weight the sensible way for the last time. Any hints, tips, support or cuddles will be gratefully received xxx
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S: 23st9lb C: 18st4.5lb G: 10st7lb BMI: 41.4 Loss: 5st4.5lb(22.51%)
Hi there Gail,

First of all ((cuddles)) and now for some tips.

Being in the right frame of mind is a huge thing, which unfortunately we can't bottle, but you can write down how you're feeling and why you want to achieve it to look at on the days you might be prone to a wobble.

Planning is the single most important thing that helps me stay on track. If I know what is going into my mouth when or what the best options are when faced with a time when I am not in control of the food I can cope. If I don't plan then those are the times I am prone to eating first and pointing later, which is never a good thing in my experience.

Always remember that a bad day doesn't have to turn into a bad week, just get back within your points the very next day.

I make a big batch of 0 point soup to fill up on when I have hungry days, it takes minutes to reheat so it is ultra fast food!

Let other people know you're losing weight, often we hide our dieting from others because we don't want to be embarrassed if we don't succeed, which when you think about it is kinda admitting we're going to give up soon. Other people will mostly go out of their way to be supportive, sometimes they might get it wrong and the ones that aren't supportive can just move along.

Good luck, let us know how you get on :)

Morgenmuffel x
G: 10st7lb
Thanks for the cuddle. I agree that planning is essential and writing a thought diary is something that I have been doing since the beginning of October. Its surprising what it helps to identify eg, I see Friday as a treat day and have to be twice as aware what I am eating on that day. Just seen your stats and you have been doing really well. Keep it up!!
S: 23st9lb C: 18st4.5lb G: 10st7lb BMI: 41.4 Loss: 5st4.5lb(22.51%)
Thank you, like you I have finally found myself back in the zone, I lost 3 stones already which I have managed to keep off but I just couldn't get below for about a year so it is very pleasing to see the numbers heading back down again :)

Even though you have to watch what you eat on treat day I bet you don't even think about having as much as you used to before deciding to lose weight. The other day for example I decided I was going to cook a special meal to celebrate being in Germany for a month, it was going to be a recipe that wasn't weightwatchers and in the end I actually fancied something nutritious and healthy lol.
S: 23st9lb C: 18st4.5lb G: 10st7lb BMI: 41.4 Loss: 5st4.5lb(22.51%)
I'll drink to that! *raises Diet Coke*

My boyfriend is German and speaks perfect English, I am English and speak no German so made the logical choice to move over there lol. I am loving it so far even though I have no idea what anyone is saying half the time, but it is good to be challenged :D
S: 14st2lb C: 10st13.5lb G: 10st2lb BMI: 24.8 Loss: 3st2.5lb(22.47%)
Hi hon, well done taking the plunge! My main thing to keep me going is track _everything_ and set mini goals (such as getting into the 11s or losing 7lb or getting into certain size jeans etc.) That way it won't seem like forever to get to goal as you'll feel built up by these "little" goals along the way.

Measure your waist, arm, thigh and hips and them measure again in 4 weeks to see the difference ;)


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G: 10st7lb
Will take my measurements and set mini goals cos think that will really help me. I get so annoyed with myself cos I've got to goal many many times before and let myself it all back on. Trying to take one day at s time and keep reminding myself that the weight I see at the moment is as bad as it gets xx

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