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Help me please


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S: 13st9lb G: 11st6lb
Ok so i've been really really good over the last couple of weeks with food, been trying to do at least 30 mins exercise 5 times a week. Measuring everything, not guessing, and over last 3 weeks i've been +1, sts, +1.

I've read all the other posts but i'm aiming for a minimum of 5 syns a day, really really close to saying Stuff it, oh and because of some divine intervention, couldn't get online cos site was down, so scoffed a bag of disco's, no idea what syn value they are, and really couldn't care right now. Put my diary for the last week below and to me it looks like a really good food diary, very varied, few treats, good on syns.


Hexa - milk
hexb - bacon and parmasan (Carbonara)

Breakfast - Mullerlight - free
Lunch - Egg fried rice - free
Tea - Linguine carbonara - 4.5 syns
Snacks - banana, 2 tsp sugar - 2 syns

6.5 syns for the day.


Hexa - milk
hexb - cereal

1 slice FFS cake - 1.5 syns
Turkey meatballs - free
2.5oz rice - 5 syns
mange tout and sweetcorn
banana - free

6.5 Syns for the day


Breakfast - jordans museli, hexb, milk from allowance
Lunch - cheese toastie, hexa cheese, hexb bread, 1tsp spread - 2 syns
Tea - black eyed bean patties and mexican rice. FREE!!!
Snacks - Banana, 1 slice FF cake 1.5 syns

total 3.5 syns


Lunch - salad with cottage cheese and fried mushrooms, - free
snacks - banana and 1 slice of fat free sponge cake 1.5 syns
Tea - italian mushroom oregano pasta - free

so total 1.5 syns no HEX b, milk for a as usual.

Breakfast - Fruit salad
Lunch - Cheese toastie (HEX Bread and cheese + 2 tsp anchor lighter 3 syns)
Snack - mullerlight
Tea - Gammon (HEX) egg, SW chips and beans. 0 syns. Followed by Cous cous cake and custard. 3 syns
Snack - Banana

HEX A milk for tea

6 syns for the day.


Hexa - milk
Hexb - peanuts
hexb - sainsburys BGTY morocan inspired chickpea and spinach soup

Breakfast - mullerlight, banana
Lunch - soup, bread 3.5 syns
Tea - syn free pasta salad
Snacks - 2 finger kitkat - 5.5 syns, banana,

9 syns for the day


Hexa - Milk
hexb - cereal
Hexb - bread

Breakfast - cereal (hexa & b)
Lunch - Toast (hexb) 2 tsp anchor lighter 3 syns
Tea - Quorn sausages, mash 1.5 syns, gravy 2 syns
Snacks - banana, mullerlight

6.5 syns for day

Week Syn total 39.5

Am i missing something????
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G: 10st10lb
Hi ya, reading your menu for the week, I notice there doesn't seem to be lot of veg going on, or much fruit really. Maybe increasing that may help. Also are you drinking plenty, it is very important to drink as much as you can. Sometimes our bodies like to rattle us and do this kind of thing but you must hang in there and not weaken. I knew a lady who never budged on the scales for 6 months (granted she only needed about 7lbs to target) but eventually they did and it took her 2 weeks to goal after all that time. The main point is not to let it get the better of you, just pursevere. Keep the spirits up and it will come right in the end hun. xx


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S: 13st9lb G: 11st6lb
i thought i did, i mean the meatball sauce i made from scratch had toms, carrots, celery, onion in them. and sauce for pasta is almost the same, plus black eyed bean patties, will try and add more, for fruit, i don't buy alot because of cost, but try and have at least a banana or 2 every day. But don't see that making a huge amount of difference. thought it was all about syns, variety and healthy extras, that's what people normally preach about. and mine appear to be fine with the exception of the odd day a week, but we all have days like that i am sure.

Incidently does anyone know the syn value of a bag of Cheese and onion Discos?


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S: 14st6lb C: 14st5lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 33.4 Loss: 0st1lb(0.5%)
I'd say as above (more fruit and veg) BUT a banana every other day and have say apples, pears, oranges instead i.e. fruit with a higher water content.

There are a couple of days at least where you don't seem to have eaten much at all (Saturday and thursday to pick two).

As for the discos, 28g bag is 7.5 syns so I don't think they'll send you on the road to ruin!

Keep it up, you'll get there!

Scarlet Daisy

Hungry For Life
S: 15st0lb C: 10st8lb G: 10st8lb BMI: 23.2 Loss: 4st6lb(29.52%)
Hi ya, reading your menu for the week, I notice there doesn't seem to be lot of veg going on, or much fruit really. Maybe increasing that may help. Also are you drinking plenty, it is very important to drink as much as you can.
Great advice!

Now, I'm going to suggest something that may not work (in which case you'll hate me, lol) but I found I lost a little more weight than I had been, when I UPPED my Syns a bit (from 7 to around 10 per day).

You're being very good, you're very active and I think your body could stand to have a bit more oomph. But then again, it IS a risk.

Maria SW

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S: 15st2lb C: 13st12lb G: 9st7lb BMI: 32.3 Loss: 1st4lb(8.49%)
I'm new to this, so I may not be 100% but my SW consultant said that when people start doing regular exercise (after not doing it regularly for a long time), it shocks the muscles into retaining more water and protein to do their job more effectively(???) She says she often sees people having a small gain or STS due to this... but the good news is that this doesn't usually last long, and these people will generally go on to have a far better weight loss than those who do little/ no exercise! (as muscle speeds metabolism??)
I don't know if I have relayed this correctly, but I'm sure that this is the gist of what she said xx Good luck, sounds like you're definitely on the right path xx


Mad old Bat with Attitude
S: 14st5lb
You're right Maria, I started EA sports active nearly 2 weeks ago. lots of squats lunges jumping :eek: and my weightloss last week was 1/2 lb but It didn't bother me cos I know things will even out. My thighs still feel tight and abit tender, but I'm concentrating on measuring myself instead. I know it will come off eventually.

Now as to syns, when you first start SW (unless you only have 1/2 stone to lose ) you should have AT LEAST 10 syns. I have 15. Cutting back doesn't work.


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S: 13st9lb G: 11st6lb
Thanks everyone. Just obviously feeling a upset, know it will happen, i just want it now!!!! Oh and OH told me last night we're going on holiday last week in September, he's booked time off work and going to sort it out today. So got something to aim for now. Hopefully somewhere hot where i can show of my HOPEFULLY svelte body, and not somewhere where and extra layer of fat will come in handy!

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