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Help Me Please!!!

Ugh! I need help. I am having an awful time. As you know, before having Ava I followed SW. It was great, lost load of weight and kept it off even during my pregnancy. So, after Maxi I decide I'd just go back, great going but decided to join WW which I loved BUT it didn't seem to love me. My iron levels dropped and because I have an iron defiency anyway it worried me because I was still BF. I was constantly dizzy and felt drained. Last week I went back to SW and since then there has been no dizziness etc. However, I am not really enjoying it as much. I miss the flexility and dread going to see friends now because there is not much that I can eat. I am thinking of going back to WW (call me an idiot if you wish) but am thinking about how I can make the plan work for me. Perhaps I am not eating enough? More Veg? Supplements perhaps?

The only downside to WW was that I am an emotional eater and I have far too many days when I just want to sit and eat which is where Free Food really helped me out.
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So sorry to hear you've been having a rough time. I remember that feeling. Are you getting extra points for breatfeeding on WW? Make sure you are eating them all! Have plenty of meat, leafy green veggies etc. Have you been to drs? I had to take iron tablets when pregnant, perhaps they will be able to give you something.

You need to do what works for you and fits in best with life, I've done both plans and personally love the new WW plan but you need to ensure you are healthy and feeling well, no dizziness!

Good luck xx


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Hi Alex, I have switched from SW I just find it so constraining even with the amount of free food you can eat! I think with WW you just need to ensure you eat Iron rich foods, if that doesn't help then speak to your doctor! are you ensuring you are having enough PP due to BF? I cant see how your Iron levels would drop dramatically on WW as you can still eat free fruit/veg. or did you eat alot of convenieince foods? maybe look at ww like sw in the way you have to cook stuff from scratch with the convenience of being able to live he he. goodluck hun

List of Iron rich foods(sorry its all clumped together but you can still read it)

Iron rich foodIron ContentRDA % *CaloriesCockles boiled28mg155%50Black Pudding20mg111%300Liver9mg50%190Fish Paste9mg50%170Faggots8.3mg46%270Kidney8mg44%170Venison7.8mg43%200Heart7.7mg43%180Mussels boiled7mg39%90Liver Pate7mg39%190Liver Sausage6.4mg36%312Goose5mg28%320Pheasant5mg28%220Shrimps canned5mg28%95Haggis4.8mg27%310Sardines canned4.5mg27%180Anchovies canned4mg22%285Whitebait4mg22%310Tongue Ox3mg17%300Pilchards canned2.7mg16%130Beef lean2.5mg16%240Other Iron rich foodsIron contentRDA %CaloriesThyme ground124mg688% *276Curry Powder58mg321% *233Oat & Wheat Bran45mg250% *330Cinnamon ground38mg210% *-Garam Masala33mg183% *380Rosemary30mg167% *330Oxo cube24.5mg136% *230Paprika24mg133% *290Bran Flakes20mg111%320Ready Brek13.2mg73%373Special K cereal13mg73%370Bran Wheat13mg73%205Sesame Seeds10mg55%11Black Treacle9.2mg54%260Soya flour low fat9mg50%350Wheatgerm8.5mg49%300Liquorice8mg44%310Cashew Nuts6.2mg34%610Blackcurrants canned5mg28%45Figs dried4.2mg23%205Bombay Mix3.8mg21%500Lentils boiled3.5mg19%100Apricots ready-to-eat3.5mg19%160Hazelnuts3.2mg19%650Almonds3mg17%600Twiglets3mg17%380Soya beans3mg17%140Malt bread2.8mg16%270Wholemeal bread2.7mg15%215Red Kidney beans2.5mg14%100Watercress2.2mg14%23


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Hi, try Spatone. Was recommended to me by my health visitor following birth of No.1 Son. It's sachets of iron rich water which you can add to a glass of orange (vit c helps you absorb iron) - one a day It helped me get rid of my anaemia and doesn't have some of the nasty side affects like some other iron supplements such as constipation!

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