Help me please!


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Hi Ladies, well monday will be my first ever time on WW. Really not very happy weightin 95kg @ 18 y.o, just moved to Australia with my fiance and the girls over here are twiggy! Any tips? I really havent got a clue what I'm doing to be honest. Anyone tried Slimming World? Which is better?
Please help, Lauren-ashley xo :sigh:
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Hi and welcome, I've tried both and feel that ww works better for me as I need some sort of control over portion sizes. I'm the type of person who never realises when they're full until they feel sick so sw was too leniant for me so I think it really depends on what type of eater you are. Good luck in whatever you decide x :)


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It really is personal preference as lots of people love WW and say it works and there's lots who will say the same about SW!!!!! So it can be very confusing all in all however I agree with the previous comments about portion control...... I kept maintaining so I cut down my carbs and portion sizes and still maintained??? Personally I lost confidence in SW because when I stuck to it nothing happened yet when I had a mad weekend away for my birthday eating and drinking what I wanted (including LOTS of champagne!!!!) I lost 1.5lbs so I was completely confused!!!! So here I am again with WW...... Lost 2 stone about 5 years ago and I'm now back to lose it again :)

Good luck with whatever plan you use :) xxxxxx