Hi all

Not sure if any of you remember me, i started CD about 8 weeks ago & had a fantastic start! I then took a planned week off for my holiday & i just can't get back into it :mad:

I have gone down sizes in clothes & feel better about myself, but i just can't take the plunge back into it. I know it works, i know i need to lose loads more (about 6 stone :eek: ) So why can't i just get on with it!

Please can someone give me some words of wisdom or just a good kick up the behind might do it ;)

Lorraine x
It is hard after a dedicated break. I had visitors stay last weekend and ate normal lunch & tea with them, put on a couple of pounds and now aiming to lose them again. You need willpower and keep your eye on the goal.
Hiya Lorraine,
course you're remembered :p

You can get back into it, You've done it before and you will do it again....

have you thought about working your way down the steps, so you're gradullay getting back to ss? or if you dont't want to do that, allow yourself extra packs, so you're not actually eating convential foods....

where theres a will theres a way, girlie....

You can do it.... what are you danger times? If you plan for them, you can jump over the hurdle....

For me the evenings are harder at the moment, so yesterday I had a plan which was too have 4 packs, but 2 at a time... so at 4pm I had my shake and a muffin, so I would feel stuffed! ( i get a pint and a half out of my shake!) and it fact I didnt need the 4th pack.. had a bar instead... Just telling you this as it may work for you:p

Hope that helped somewhat - don't disappear on us - come talk to us :p

hi hun, first of all well done on your successes so far, I know how you feel I have been on and off the diet for the past month and am finding it incredibly difficult to stay on it (still holding on in there atm though) The only thing that has helped me stick to ss this past couple of weeks is the following statement: (in the words of Russiandoll from the wemitts thread)

There are three possible options for you and only three.
1. Stop the diet, eat healthily and maintain at your current weight.
Is this an option for you? Yes? Then do it. No? Then move to option two.
2. Stop the diet and say 'sod it all', eat what you like and gain weight.
Is this an option for you? Yes? Then do it. No? Then move to option three.
3. Continue to make an effort to lose weight.
Is this an option for you? Yes? Then do it. No? Then look back at options 1 & 2.

It will be hard to get back into the swing of things (I can attest to that), but it will be so worth it, imagine how awful you would feel if you put all the weight back on that you worked so hard to remove? Take each day slowly and steadily drink loads of water and try to get some early nights in!

Good luck babe xx
I don't think of another day 1 as that says failure to me. I only had 1 day one but i have had a few gaps. Was off it from Friday to wednesday. But Wednesday morning I had my packs ready and my water and just counted the hours and got through it. Just keep thinking of what you had lost and how easy it will be to lose some more. Only been back on it 2 days and 3 lbs have gone.
And spend plenty of time on here to inspire you.
Irene xx
((((((((((hugs)))))))))))) for you Lorraine :)
I know how you felt I did Cd last year lost 2st 9lbs in 9 weeks and moved house and I tried and tried for 8 months to get back on Track???Couldnt regained it all + ALITTLE BIT MORE .I started LL and I am on day 9 so we can do it,Im not suggesting you do LL just i had to do something with thearpy as Im an 18 year yoyoing dietier!Try and think back to why you needed to do Cd the 1st time round,You have to try and forget you have already done it look at it as its the 1st time over again so you get back that feeling of excitment at the propect of being the 'NEW YOU' the person you long to be???????????
Just think in that 1st week that weight loss will be fab and you know it works and you can do it you,ve already proved that to yourself and others.
So take the weekend off cut down on the carbs and let next week be your new start and the new you.Please post here as theres so much support.Pm me if you need someone to talk to