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Help me someone!!!


Hula princess in training
Hi Davey1984 - I agree with Shirleen what are you struggling with? If we know then we can try and help you out :)
Well I was doing so well then things got a bit mad in my personal life and I kinda fell off the wagon and find it so hard to get back on! We have just bought our own house and move in on Saturday and money is going to be a bit tight for a few weeks and I can't see a way of following the programme on a budget as slimming world friendly food seems so expensive


Hula princess in training
I agree with sausage if SW can be cheapish if you want it to be - Theres a sticky thread on here with all the latest bargins that you can keep track of. It might mean doing your weekly shop in different stores but it is cheaper.

But congrats on your own house :D
Ok here's a help. Post some of the food you would be buying if not on SW and we'll all have a go at teaching you some similar foods that are SW friendly and cheaper!
Good idea ...
A list of foods i would normally eat (remember I'm ex WW)
Sandwich or a Wrap
Ready Meal
Pot Noodle
Cooking sauces (from jar)

Looking at the list has already opened my eyes, I eat crap!!! No wonder iv put so much weight on x
Ok the ready meals you can save loads on by simply cooking more and freezing a portion, if you freeze one portion a day you could have a whole week off cooking!

Invest £1 in takeaway containers from the poundshop (sometimes 50p in Asda)
get some good quality food bags too, shops own are good but not value range.

Then you will need to put a little time aside.

Get your food processor out (if you have one, if not ask for help in preparation)
To make a dolmio type sauce:
serves 4, but try to double or treble the amount

1 Onion finely chopped
2 cloves garlic
1 tin tomatoes (buy whole and 'chop' in the can using kitchen scissors)
2 carrots grated
( any other veg as liked if on offer, courgettes, aubergines,mushrooms)
Jar of Herbs de Provence
Bay leaves

Fry the onion and garlic in frylight and a tablespoon water until softened. add all other ingredients and simmer gently for 15-20 mins, taste adjust seasoning, if tart add 1/2 tsp sweetener or to taste.
pop you freezer bag into an empty jug and fill to the same volume as your usual jar. (I never freeze enough otherwise) if the sauce is still too thin add a little instant mash powder.
freeze in bags unless you're planning to use that week, will keep in fridge fro 3-4 days


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Hey, you can do it! I fell off the wagon myself. I went from 14st 8lbs 13st 8lbs. Had some life stress and fell off the wagon. Came back to SW at 15st (sob!). Am now 13 st 6lbs and counting! You can do it, you just have to make a definite decision and go for it!

As for food, in the long run SW food is cheaper. The food shop will probably cost more but will last waaaaaay longer than the type of shopping you described. I would say go to lidl or aldi. They have cheap EVERYTHING. Their pasta, rice, beans etc very cheap.Try to go shopping late, because then lots of stuff is reduced (I had bread for 20p yesterday!). Maybe get a big box of cereal for breakfast (cheap and lasts ages), use more eggs (Again, cheap and versatile), maybe try frozen fruit at the moment unless you find any offers (it's out of season, so fresh is expensive). Try not to by diet processed foods unless on offer, as they're usually quite expensive!

I think you need SW though. Keep eating like above and you'll get scurvy lol
Davey - the way I look at it is, if you buy processed ready meals and the like, you are paying someone else to cook your dinner for you so it has to be more expensive in the long run. Can you afford servants? Nah.

As Shirleen suggests, batch cooking is the way forward. This way you will eat the food you like and can be sure there are no hidden fats, sugars and garbage in your meals. And you will save money.
bag of 'taters from morrisons = 30p good for 5 - 7 days worth of meals for one person ( will base all of the following on one person )
large white cabbage = about £1.. cut into quarters gets you 4 days worth
bag of leeks from Aldi = 79p, 2 large or 3 medium leeks.. so 3 days worth..
bag of frozen cauliflower florrets = £1.. good for a week.
bag of frozen chicken breasts from Aldi = £3.99.. 4-5 days worth in a bag
you can usually get 4 packs of branston beans somewhere for £1 a pack
30 value eggs from tesco are about £2.80 or something ( 15 days worth at 2 eggs scrambled per day )..

it's the fruit that's expensive depending on what you like, but there's usually deals on in one or more of the supermarkets so have a look on here to see where..
First of all...today is the first day of the rest of your life so you are in control. Start again!

The cheapest food is the best food to lose weight, e.g.

Fresh veg
Fresh fruit

All of the supermarkets have these foods on offer as they bump up their prices on processed foods.

Use the advice on here.

Good luck on your house.



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with regards to cost of fruit - go around the supermarkets later in the evening - you may have to experiment what days/times are best for your local ones and check out the reduced price items (same goes for meat actually) - and independant grocers will sometimes have good offers on too. (one near here regularly has bowls of fruit outside for £1 a bowl - as do some market stalls these days)

Put them in freezer bags and freeze them.

This really only applies to soft fruits - grapes, berries, etc, and pineapple.

My regular grocer often has punnets of raspberries for between 50p and (yesterday) 89p - they're near turning and gone a bit mushy so can't be sold for full price (generally about £1.50) - and you may need to pick out one or two that have really started to turn. But then fruit is always at hand - strawberries need to be left to thaw for a bit before eating (or you'll crack your teeth) - but most the others can be eaten directly out of the freezer.

and with regards to meat - I brought 3 thin cut steaks the other day at £1.55 (instead of £3.20) and 3 pork steaks for 99p instead of 1.99 - all bagged and in the freezer. Just a case of getting lucky I guess.

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