Help me to like soup!


I make lots of soup, and I've mentioned on a couple of threads that I really don't like it! I keep on trying though, but apart from Heinz tomato I simply cannot get excited about soup. Especially when I can't have a huge buttery baguette to mop it up with!

So share your soup making tips with me! I tend to throw in whatever veggies I have lying around, with some onion, garlic, veg stock and herbs. I usually add some lentils or beans to make it more filling. They taste nice, but after a few mouthfuls I just can't be bothered eating any more. How do you make soup amazing?
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I'm not a huge soup fan myself (although I'm having some for lunch today!) so because of that I only ever make soup with my favourite veggies. So today I'm having sweet potato and squash soup, I love spicy food so it's got some chilli and cumin in as well, and I must say that I'm really enjoying it and it's warming me up. To get over the desire for a baguette I'm having a wholemeal ham and philli sandwich to go alongside.

Another one I like is roasted red pepper and tomato soup - again because peppers are among my favourite veggies!

If you're following Extra Easy then how about having something like Tom Yum - BBC - Food - Recipes : Tom yum soup This can be easily adapted to be free by leaving out the sugar.

I think to really "love" soup you have to use ingredients that you love and try new recipes as well.


Thanks for the reply, I've never had Tom Yum before so will give it a go!

A came across a website today where it was suggested making a batch of basic soup, and then adding to it each day to ring the changes. I really wasn't looking forward to my soup today, so I took the advice and put 2 ladle-fulls in a pan. Then I added more garlic, tomato puree and some sweetcorn and it was much better! Tomorrow I'm planning adding some cumin and rice. Hopefully this might help as well!