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help me toast alert.!!!!!!!


sisters of slim
oh god i am going to have to have toast and not just one slice 6 at least,my new pill has just kicked in and all i can think about is toast,i am ok when everyone is in but mondays 2 at work one at school ,i just think go on nobody will know,i have just screamed at the top of my lungs to see if that helps,next door with think i am being murdered ha ha,i have been ss ing for 10 days but i miss toast,and by the scales this morning i have lost 1stone in 10 days why cant i see that as brill,i am a bread freak and that is why it is killing me not having any,i have been 100% on ss for 10 days and continuely cooked all meals for the 3 men in my life,but now i am on my own ,i feel the need for carbs someone help me get through this before i warm the grill up and get the lurpack and cheese out help sniff sniff. angie x
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step away from the bread you don't need it its your mind sabbourtaging your diet dring loads of water and if you can split a pack and have that instead
come on you had such a good weight loss last week you can do this
((((((((((((((((HUGS)))))))))))))))))) Don't worry hun we've all been there, but just remember the nastyness (sp) of the first few days and remember that those evil carbs were responsible for all of that misery. Now imagine eating the toast, i bet halfway through , even in your imagination, you will be regretting it. Once you can imagine the feelings of regret the craving should subside, i used this technique to give up smoking and find it is quite good when applied to CD.

You've done soooooooooo well, don't go back to the dark side lol



sisters of slim
i know thanks gailt39 but as i write this i am crying now cos i dont want to be a faliure ,i can do this but its so hard.god what am i so upset about,i will have to get a tissue i cant see and i am full of snot now,now i feel great not.


Must do it this time
step away from the toast you DO NOT,i repeat,DO NOT, need the toast.
you will be sooooooo unhappy with yourself hun,just dont do it,get glugging that water and forget about it,it is the enenmy and we dont want to cavort with the enemy now do we!!!!
I was the same yesterday.
Go for a walk if you can, get out of the house. Squirt your mouth with mouthwash or gold spot or something. Have a cup of tea, coffee/
Split a shake, make it long with ice.
Phone a friend.
It is your head that is thinking about it, your head can stop you thinking about it. if you know what I mean.
DONT EAT THE TOAST!! You will be so fed up with yourself if you do.
Loads of love,
Lynne x
lol three of us posted at the same time then !!!
Lynne x


Staff member
Hi soolaboola,

You have done so well and losing one stone in ten days is fantastic!!!:happy096:

When I get cravings I go and play with my virtual model My Virtual Model

I change her weight and see what I will be like with the next stone off and a new hair colour and dress her up in small jeans:D

I also make her the size I started out at and that is a bit of a shock:eek: and I find helps dissolve any cravings and weakness to cave in.

Remember how far you have come which is a brill achievement!

Stay strong!

Love Mini xxx


sisters of slim
you know when kids have a crying fit,then when they have finished the make that sniffy noise thats me that is,i cant remember the last time i cried,i am quite hard,but i now cry over toast how sad is that


Trying to stay healthy!
ooor poor you!! chin up hun, it's soo bloody hard sometimes but it's worth it you can see it !! i had a few days last week where i couldn't stand it anymore, i switched from hot shakes to iced adding 12 ice cubes to 1/3 water and whizzed up itup for 2 mins in the blender and it was a massive bowl of very thick shake (like mcd's vanilla) took me ages to eat and kept me fuller for much longer was more like luxury than torture. please don't give in to the toast!!!
good luck
I know what you mean - I'm really missing my toast. It is made worse by the fact I make it for my dogs and rats every morning :eek: I always have a glass of water to hand while I'm making it though and down it if I feel the urge. Just look at how far you've come already - the toast really isn't worth it x
I agree, it's really not worth it hun.
There'll be a few seconds of pleasure then hours of regret.

Just think how good you'll feel when you're at goal.
Toast can not beat a strong independent person.
Don't let the bread ruin your efforts


sisters of slim
but i have had a love affair with bread for 38 years,i love it in any shape or form and accounted for 80% of my daily diet for ever,and all other carbs,i realise now how i got fat,but it does not take the longing away,i feel better now thanks girls had a pint of water,mopped the kitchen floor and glass polished all the glass,and now i feel ok ,the urge has gone,i have put my porridge in the fridge and when i finish hoovering i will have it,thanks for the support it was great to know in times of strife you are all there thanks,right lets work towards day 11 i can do this

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