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Extra Easy Help me


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Hello everyone,

I'm new to this but thought you maybe able to help me not give up on Slimming World....:wave_cry:

it will be my 4th WI 2morrow - Ok.. I lost 1.5 the 1st and 2nd week, gained 1.5 on my 3rd week, see my leader and she pointed out that i wasn't getting enough of my SF 1/3 foods. So I uped my SF foods and exercised for half hour every night Mon to Sat - Weight myself 'at home' this morning and i'm sure i've gained a 1lb???

Also confused about my syns... I have only used about 20 each week... do I need to use them all??

I really like this plan and the group but am thinking of going to WeightWatchers if nothing changes this week..

Oh.. I want to lose a stone..

Many thanks x
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You really need to be aiming for between 5 and 15 a day. 20 syns over a week just isn't enough. I think a lot of people think they shouldn't have their syns but you should otherwise you're not sticking to the plan 100%.

Try upping your syns as well as your SuperFrees plus drink at least 2 litres of water a day. If you have only just started exercising your weight might STS or give you a small gain as the body retains some water to protect the muscles.

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hopefully that explains why i gained last week!! xxx


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Thanks for the reply

Doing the water thing ok, that's all I really drink other than tea while i'm at work.
Ahh that's where i'm going wrong... I try and not have so many in the week in case I need them for the weekend but hadn't got to use them.. Last night had loads left so got a Chinese (1st Chinese since i started the plan and i measured it all out), plain boiled rice, beef in black bean with beef chow min, still have about 30 syns left before tomorrows weigh in - should I use these??

is it ok to save them up just as long as i use them before my WI?



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Hi Soxy,

You don't say how much you weigh, how tall you are etc., if you have very little to lose it will be more difficult. Also do you have a food diary that we can look at to see if everything looks okay?

You should use your syns but if I hadn't all week and still have 30-40 to use before weigh in, I wouldn't force myself to use them just for the sake of it. The theory is that the syns add variety to your meals or give you the ability to have treats so you don't feel deprived. Using them all up on the last day to just use them is pointless as far as I'm concerned.

Others may very well feel differently.
Before you consider changing plans perhaps provide some of the information I mention above.


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Just two things to add to the advice you've already been given

Don't weigh yourself on your own scales - you could get on ten different sets of scales and get ten difference readings as they are all calibrated differently.

Also, don't sneaky peek your weight during the week as your weight naturally fluctuates by as much as 7lbs from one day to the next. And unless you are very strong minded it messes with your head (as you are finding today)

These things combined mean that what you saw on the scales today bears no relation to what the SW scales will say tomorrow.


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Thanks for all the advice... i'll try up my 1/3 foods and use some more of my syns.

At work at the mo so can't put my diary on here yet (boss won't be to happy) I'm 5ft 9 and weight 12st 2.5lbs

WI tonight - wish me luck!!

Many thanks,
Angela x
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