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Help me!!!

S: 20st9.5lb G: 10st0lb
I've come off CD for the time being because I'm having my gallbladder removed on Friday of this week and am going to be off it for 3 months after the op to fit in with CD guidelines.
The problem I've got is unlike when I worked up the plans to go on holiday over the space of about 4 weeks I've had to work through the plans within the space of about 10 days!:eek: For some reason I've taken this as an invite to go nuts with food and I've already put about 5lbs back on!:cry:
Does anyone have any advice (especially from those maintaining) on how I can stop myself before my 3-4 day binge turns into a 3 months binge and I put all my weight back on???:cry:
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Heya hun, sorry i have no advice for you. i still suffer with the odd binge hence so many restarts!! Maybe you need to look of it as more a healthy eating plan for the few months? what about if you did ww or sw? that would keep you on track :) xx


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Come on Kelly. Just got to get to Friday (well...to start with anyway). Plan your foods out for the day, and stick to it.

Might be an idea to count calories since they will be on virtually every label. Spend some time working out exactly what you are going to have for each meal, and snack. Maybe 3 meals, 3 snacks....and don't deviate.

You know that 5lbs is probably mainly glycogen not fat, but you need to put a stop to it now and get that control back.

Very best of luck for Friday. Had mine out at the beginning of the year. Twas one of my better moves ;)
I agree with KD, its most likely Glycogen, there is an expected glycogen bounce back when you come off the diet of around 4-5lbs which when moving up the plans slowly is not nearly as noticable, as when you have to fast forward the steps. I found this out when I was rushing up the steps before my holidays

Best of luck with your operation :)
I have a idea...

When i recently had to have a big op, i was told to eat this type of menu...

30g cereal and milk,
2 scrambled egg on toast.
Glass of OJ or cuppa

Ham salad sandwich being on brown bread (2 slices)
Chicken Salad
Drink water or coffee

Mid afternoon

Small bowl of fruit
Cereal bar

Teatime or Dinner (whichever part of the country you are in)

Have a small 500 calorie meal of your choice
which would also include your dessert if you have one.

Peice of toast and butter
smal bowl of fruit (small being 100g)

And i also lost weight on this diet, but to me it wasn't a diet it was a healthy way of getting to the operating table without feeling i had overdone it!

Hope this helps, if you need anymore info email me!
S: 20st9.5lb G: 10st0lb
Thanks everyone! I think I'm going to have the sort of meal I have on AAMW in the evening for the next couple of weeks as when I went up the plans for my holiday this seemed to help me focus.
I've got some shredded wheat for breakfast so I'll stick to a bowl of that. Just have to figure out a healthy lunch now!:eek:

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