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help me!

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hey all..
My little mini dachshund has just come into season properly, (she started bleeding yesterday) Obviously since then she cannot lounge around on the sofa and bed as she usually does and its hell trying to keep her in the kitchen were the floor is wipe-able clean as apposed to my mothers lovley cream carpets that are everywhere else..

our original plan was to stick little girlie pants on her, cut a hole for her tail and put a little pad in it, but she'd ripped that off already .. was worth a try i spose.

My problem is, she seems terribly confused, with no doggy mum around i dont think she really knows whats going on, or why she is being left out and not aloud in certain rooms. Im trying to give her lots of attention and fuss but im not really sure what to do to make it any better for her?

anyone who can help??? x
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Hi Fern

You can buy proper doggie knickers called 'hygiene pants' from the pet shop. They look like a back to front thong with a pocket for the pad. I buy Sainsbury's value panty liners and cut them in half and use them instead of the expensive 'hygiene pads' .

I have a staffy (you know how strong they are) and she tries to bite hers off, but without success. She has 2 pairs, had 2 seasons and the pants are still going strong.

S: 14st13lb C: 14st13lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 38.2 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
OO Thank you very much. I will look into that.. clearly little bhs girly pants with disney charactors on are not doing the trick, i also bought morrisons own value pads.. panty liner things.. they were doing the trick till she got bored of it and ripped em to shreds lol.

also, now that i cant take her out for her walk.. what else can i do? im worried that without her 2 x 20 minute walks each day shel get distructive as no way of releasing her energys?


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Awww this is the main reason my girl was spayed after her first season. She was soooooo confused why suddenly she wasnt allowed out the kitchen and couldnt go for walks and things, that and it eliminates the risk of her getting pyometra
S: 14st13lb C: 14st13lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 38.2 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
She really is all over the place! she just keeps huffing and sleepintg and wondering around with nothing to do with herself..
if only a hot water bottle and some paracetemal would fix it lol

the PDSA say they will have her spade for £84 pounds which is great, but not for another 3 months. Iv heard its supposed to be better for teh to have one season before being spade anyways..

I feel a bit gutted that will never have any little babies tho :(


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you can still walk her, I have a very active GSD that I compete with if I was to stop walking her when she came into season her fitness levels would fall dramaticaly! I take mine to open farm land when shes in season so she came still have a good run and I dont have the worry of us meeting any other dogs.

Ive never had any of my girls spayed before they are at least 3yrs old, the amount of damage it can do to them long term far out weighs the risk of pyo and having to deal with seasons to me. I only choose to spay now if there is somthing medicaly wrong with them and needs be.

Try give the knickers idea another go but give her a chew or nice bone to keep her mind off the knickers. good luck with it :)
remember to be very careful for a while when she stops bleeding because that is when she is at highest risk of falling pregnant if another dog gets her.:)
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Hi Fern! As Hev says you can still walk her, especially if you keep her on the lead, try a brisk walk around the block with her. We have two family labs and we let them have two seasons before spaying (we were unsure if we wanted to breed or not) but we found that our girls were very good at sitting firmly down whenever a dog came near and were not happy at the prospect of being (as my mum called it) raped. If you really want to let her roam free then try to time your walks at a quieter time of day when there wil be fewer people out with their own dogs. good luck! x

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