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Help!!! Messed up, what's a girl to do?

I've been on lipotrim for 3 weeks and lost just under 2 stone, yesterday I felt so weak and faint and just gave in and eat, then later on I eat a little something else. I thought, right todays a new day i'll start again today, but messed up again. I have at least 4 more stone to lose and I am determined, but how do I get my willpower back? Any tips would be great.
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I will be skinny again!!!
You need to think what made you run back to food so suddenly?

And then tell that thought why it isnt a good enough reason!

You can do it, you have done it for the past 3 weeks, Your body and the greedy you will always be pushing out to eat something, I myself had a very bad fight with the greedy me during LT and had a subway in my hand, ready to eat it!

But I didnt, and the feeling of over coming the greedy me was imense!!

Dont let the guilt drag you back down, jump back on the horse... get back the determination and the state of mind you had at the beginning!!!
dust yourself off & get straight back on it! everybody feels like they want to eat for one reason or another but you'll feel so proud of yourself for not giving up. you CAN do it!!! xx
Thank you, don't know what it was that made me eat apart from feeling really weak, faint and tired, also T.O.T.M so that didn't help. Ok, thanks for the advice, starting again tomorrow. Don't you get sick of drinking milkshake though or is that just me? Are the bars nice for a change?


I will be skinny again!!!
I hated the bars, but some people like them! all you can do is try them!!

I found on T.O.T.M the chocolate shake as hot chocolate helped my choccy cravings :) xxxx


A little of everything!
'Nice' is pushing it. Some hate them! I quite like them though? I have them with big mugs of tea and imagine I'm having a tea & biccie!
Have you tried the soup? It's nice for a change...well, again it's a matter of taste...some hate it too!
personally I thought the bars were awful, but my friend loved them. Try them, you may feel more like you are eating if you have some of them.

I wouldnt worry about the eating, everyone has weak moments, the important thing is that you dont let it stop you from achieving your goal. Keep going and next time you have the urge, remember now and how it made you feel, then decide not to do it.

Try drinking more water, you might not be drinking enough water, I know that made me feel hungry and faint.

Good luck hun!! xxx


I will be skinny again!!!
I was a soup lover lol :)
Thank you so much for your comments, this forum is great for support. Ok back to the drawing board, starting again tomorrow, think I need to remember my goal and why i'm doing this, really worried about my health by being so overweight. I'll do it, I know I can.. thanks again.


I will be skinny again!!!
Loving the positive attitude now chick :D xxxx
Hey...Howz that song go..."I get knocked down, but I get up again"?
Really good advice from Chelly ( may take that advice myself).
I have been doing LT solid for 8 weeks, good as gold 'nall, but I'd be fibbing if I say I didn't get food cravings, this is darn hard so don't be too hard on yourself! The only thing that's keeping me going is when I walk into dress shops and don't feel as though the clothes on the racks are so unreachable anymore.
Keep going...and good luck!! ;)
just gotta refocus and think what your doing this for

Thats what i did at weekend and am more determined than ever


Life is not a Rehersal!
Hi Kaz

It happens to the best of us, BUT, you must try and nip it in the bud straight away....You have come so far and you dont want to put anything back on again because that will just make you feel more depressed, then want to eat, and get more depressed, well, a downward spiral.

Keep remembering the reason why you are having these shakes!!! It isnt for long and eventually (well, for the rest of your life) you will be able to eat again. This is only for a short time and worth the commitment.

Dont look back, just keep looking forward to the day when you are almost at goal. That feeling you had after you ate and felt you couldnt stop...was it horrid??? I bet,,,well, I always say BOTTLE THAT FEELING....it will take you a long way and you wont want to feel like that again in a hurry.

Keep positive and moving forward..what is done is done...This can actually be what you needed and will give you more determination to make it and to get to goal asap.

Have a great week, and remember, tomorrow is a new day and a new start and YOU HAVE DONE SO WELL SO FAR.

Take care


Positivity is the key
sorry to hear you fell of the LT train for a bit but at least you are feeling more positive now and ready to start afresh. Wishing you all the best and remember if you are thinking of eating come on here first and even of you can't say it, just stay on here and post and reply etc. The feeling will pass quickly enough. Good luck.
Nearly 2 stone in 3 weeks - what other diet could you do that on - you know it makes sense - you know its worth it - you know you 'want' to do it - and this is one of the fastest ways to reach your goal.

Its not forever - I echo every single thing the others have said (apart from the bars and the soup urgh!)

Choose life - choose lipotrim!

You've done so well, so you slipped, everyone has misgivings, whether it be about food or anything else - you will be strong enough to get over it and re-focus.

Good luck Kaz, and just count those shakes down, one by one and the weight and the dress sizes will reduce with the number of shakes you have left to drink !

Take care. xxxx
:grouphugg:group hug...x


Silver Member
Once the physical battles ends (i.e. the hunger) I always think the mental battle starts and sometime it is hard to deal with at times. Every one is human and your blip was just that. The things that matters now is how you deal with it and continue on from it. You could rethink it through and figure out why, learn from it and move on. You have done amazingly and you can get to your goal.
We all were the sizes we were because of our relationship with food and that can take time to change mentally. So don't think of it as a mistake but something to learn from and use when you go back to eating again after lipotrim. Good luck with the rest of you week and weigh in.

You can do it and you are strong, you proved that in the first week.
Hi there,
sorry to hear you have been having a hard time. this is an extreme diet and it does need a lot of commitment. I have only been on it for 6 weeks but have had a few rough moments. thank goodness for this forum and the policing of my OH! but seriously EVERYONE had been tempted and some have given in but look how they have managed to get back on the Lipotrain. I am sure you can do it. all the best x
Thank you so much for all your kind words of support and tips. I feel very positive today. I do think it may of been not enough water and T.O.T.M as I mentioned before. I did actually choose to eat though on the first day, only because I felt so weak. I'm back on track now and had a sneaky peek and it looks like i've lost another 2 pounds, we will see on Monday at my WI if it's a real weight loss.

Thanks again everyone.. x


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Best of luck with your WI, and well done on getting back on the Lipotrain and not throwing in the towel.

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