Help - my Heart urts


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Hi, wondered if anyone could help me.

I had a mushroom soup last night and put tabasco sauce in it and all night I had severe heart burn and also woke up in the night and my lip had pins and needles.I drunk some water and went back to bed.

I am quite worried as this morning my heart still hurts but not as bad, especially when I breath in -has anyone else had anything like this? Is this normal? Do you think it was the tabasco sauce? I have also been really really nackered this week and sleeping all the time I am not sure if this is normal either. Thanks in advance for your help.
Hi Bunny,
I don't want to alarm you, but if you have heart pain you should really see a doctor (sooner rather than later).
Obviously I don't know anything else about you (age, medical history etc), but a check up would be worth while.
If it's heart burn, it would helped by an ant-acid, like Gaviscon. I don't know whether taking this would knock you out of Ketosis, but it has to be worth it for piece of mind and making you feel better.
Please get this checked out.
I would knock the tabasco on the head to be honest. You have to remember, the sachets are relatively 'bland' and adding all those things to give flavour is great, but you feel the impact of them a lot more because there isn't a lot of food to 'soak up' the heat. Also tabasco can apparently knock some people out of ketosis - 1g of curry powder is allowed if you want some spice.

If you are truly concerned, then yes get checked out by your GP, but try to eliminate 'extras' first to see if those symptoms stop.
See your doctor - don't mess about, do it now. It may be nothing to worry about, or it maybe something serious. Either way you will be quickly reassured or quickly taken care of.
PLease get checked over.

Love Barb xx
Thanks to everyone for your replies. I have had 2 pints of water this morning and it seems to have cleared up, it must have been the tabasco but it was scarey.