Help need - slendertone flex instructions


Hi, I have bought a slendertone flex belt of ebay for about £25 but it does not have the instructions included! I have no idea how to work the thing, can anybody help? Please tell me how to work it or scan in the instructions for me (i know this is prob too much to ask!) I just need to know how to work it, it can't be that difficult but I don't want to electrocute myself haha! Thanks!!

have you looked on internet for the istructions?? you can normaly find instructions for anything on there!
You got a better deal than me, I still need to fork out for replacement pads at £11....still can't complain as it's better than full price.

Isn't it amazing how much more `body aware` in general we become while SSing. I spend hours doing nails, plucking, dying hair etc etc etc

Maybe I just didn't have time to pamper myself before because I was so busy eating food!!!!

Let me know how you get on tonight!
try amazon for the pads they were quite cheap a while ago
Sorry to be a thicko but what does it feel like! Is it painful?
Sorry to be a thicko but what does it feel like! Is it painful?

If you get the pads in the wrong place then you feel an intense tingling which can redden the skin and be uncomfortable but isn't painful.

When you finally work out where the pads need to be placed so that both your tummy and waist get a work out then if you are on a VLCD you will find that this changes very often as the weight drops off very quickly so you can to keep making adjustments!

When the pads are in the right place all that happens is that your muscles tense up for a moment and then relax. It feels the same as when you are instructing your muscles to do this except your brain didn't give out the initial instruction.

I hope this helps :)
Have been thinking about getting a slendertone belt for ages as I have a deep aversion to exercise but suffer from a flabby tummy so am going to have to take action before I face the world in a bikini! Do the belts really work? Any feedback gratefully received!

The Minx
I've been using mine for two days now, am not quite sure what intensity level I should be putting it on at either!

I've been putting it on at about 50ish which seems quite tingly, but not sore. And I can feel that my muscles have been working today.

But, my question is, does it work all the tummy muscles as it's positioned round the waist, but my problem area is my lower tummy. Anyone know?
You should be able to sell what muscles it is working when you have the thing on.

Mine works my waist between the ribs and the and my hip bones (now I know where they are :rolleyes: ) and my stomache from the belly button down.

If I have the thing positioned properly (which I find difficult) then I don't get any tingling whist using it, I just find that my muscles are contracting nicely. :)

I hope this helps :)
The one i bought doesnt work!! I get a error! I email the woman and she said she will refund and I will post it back to her. I get error number 2 or something like that when i try and adjust the levels. I didn't get it to work at all. How do you start it? I just turned it on, is it supposed to just start up then or how? I am usually really good with technical things dunno why I can't work this thing!!