HELP - Need to find a CD counsellor!!!


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Call 0800 161412 and get a list of all your local counsellors and give them all a ring today.




Loves VLCD's !
I have found a CD in Plymouth who is willing to meet me half way across Cornwall to supply me ! I know Camborne is quite far down but PM me if you want her details.



Got one - woohooo. Should be on the diet by middle of next week.
Not sure if she accepts cash, cheques or what, so if someone could give me a rough idea of ho much weeks supply for sole source is - I can make sure I have enough money in the house to pay her cash to begin with.


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Well done for finding a CDC, it should be around £32 for your packs, but it does vary buy a couple of pounds depending on the CDC, there are extra stuff you can buy, like water flavourings,mix a mousse, keotstix and fibre 89 but these are all added extras and they are not needed for SSing, some do charge for the books it really depends on the CDC.
Good luck and looking forward to reading about your weight loss journey.


Finally sorted.

Its taken a while (and I suppose me trotting off to Scotland for a 'Girlie' week didn't help the delay). I now have my months supply and am starting first thing on
Monday morning. I know this is going to be a killer, at least for the first week - but as I said before, I am determined to give it a damn good try. SOOOO I may be on here having an almighty whinge very soon.


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HIYA JAMAST glad you are sorted with the packs, i personally dont think the first week was too bad, so please dont expect it to be terrible, the main thing is the wanting to eat and the coldness you feel when in ketosis, but all are minor ailments when you see how much weight you can loose if you give it 100%
good luck and look forward to reading your journey
nat xxx