Help needed for 790 programme!


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Hi all, i really need some ideas re recipe ideas for the 790 programme cos if i see another chicken breast, turkey breast or bit of cottage cheese etc i will go mad. What do you all do to make it exciting and interesting? all thoughts are much appreciated, i'm on day 16 and have lost 11lbs, so it's working, i just need some ideas.

Thanks, Davina
Are you doing the 790 plan all the time then? It is a bit limiting unfortunately, most people only "visit" it on their way up or down from/to SSing. Have you tried any fish? Other than that I'm afraid there's not a lot you can do.

You're doing really well with the weight loss though. :)
im on 790 and it is very limiting, you havent got much to choose between, i did add a little oxo to my chicken, my CD councelor said this was ok, this gives it a bit of taste
I vary my chicken/turkey with different herbs and spices LOL
I'm a hopeless cook and to be honest more often than not have the same thing most days. (Chicken and sprouts)
Saying that I did make a chicken salad tonight.

Keep at it, it's so rewarding to get on the scales and see the pounds dropping off.

Kitty xxx