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Help needed for a red day.


In it to lose it
Well I think I might try a red day tomorrow but as I've never done one I would like some ideas please.

I don't have a great deal of meat in the freezer but I do have some bacon, steak and 2 skinless boneless chicken thighs. So any ideas what I can do would be great please:)
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well I would have bacon for breakfast, salad for lunch with an omelette or boiled eggs and cold meats/tuna if you have any and for dinner would have steak, veg and new potatoes from HEB.

great ideas from susie, another alternative for tea time would be wrap the chicken in the bacon and stuff it with cheese as your HEA, I love that with a bit of soy sauce splashed on. you could have a steak sarnie for lunch (yum yum) or a neutral brekkie, like scrambled egg, tomatoes and mushrooms, do you have any quorn in? xxx
I like to split my chicken and stuff with cottage cheese (that way I don't use a HE) and then wrap it in bacon. Bake in the oven for half an hour or so and serve with veg or salad.

Omelette is always a quick and easy. Dry fry the bacon and then throw 2 or 3 beaten eggs on top... and cook. eat on it's own or with salad.

Good luck with your red day - I love mine :D
another alternative for tea time would be wrap the chicken in the bacon and stuff it with cheese as your HEA,
LOL I posted the same time as you lol

Susie, you could always have steak, jacket potato as a HEb and salad, because I don't like steak and veg together


In it to lose it
Wow great ideas everyone. I havde loads of quorn. I might have my cereal as normal for brekkie. Then do the chicken with bacon and salad for lunch. Then steak egg and quorn sausage with tomatoes and mushrooms for dinner. If I have steak for dinner I can get dad to have it as well.

If i wanted snacks could I have a tuna sandwich or maybe an omelette sandwich?



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Why don't you cut your steak into thin strips , fry with some onions and maybe some stir fried veg and soy sauce and have it with a jacket potato, or maybe make the potato into some wedges.

You could chop your chicken up and fry with peppers and make a hearty chicken omlette.
How about chicken soup - with suede, carrot and any other vegthat is superfree!

On red days - I love fried (in fry light of course) chicken and bacon and oinion omelette with salad!
As long as you count your bread as HexB or syns, yep have a tuna sandwich and eggs are free so that would be ok as snacks too. Don't forget your yogurts are still free for snacking on
Its funny how much angst this red day tomorrow is causing. On a green day I have no problem as I love pasta, rice and jacket potatoes. Green is easier for me but I will try and have a red day at least once a week.
We will get you to love Red days :party0011::party0011::party0011:

I know what you mean though, because I'm the same with Green days
yer we will wont we iNaTiZ! By the way whats the explaintion behind your name?

Red days seem alien to me. I used to eat meat but the wrong sort. MacD or KFC and lets not forget Burger King as well:8855:
now if that was free Id be a size 8!! x


is gonna shine in 2009
i seem to do more red days than green now....only had one green day this week since monday.

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