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Help needed for this weekend

I am off to Leeds for a romantic weekend away. Staying at a hotel that does breakfasts.
Any idea what i can eat as in restaurants that wont ruin what i have done so far.
Really struggling for ideas. OH wants to eat at Pizza hut and Nandos!!!
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We are off to Brighton for a romantic weekend too! Hotel & restaurant like you :D

Plan is to save all syns for the weekend (which I normally do anyway) and switch to EE days.

I opted out for breakfast as would rather head out somewhere. Assume your hotel will be a breakfast buffet type place so stick to eggs, bacon, mushrooms, grilled tomatoes and baked beans. Nothing you can really do about the oil it is cooked in, so you could syn it or use it as your HEB - always tricky when you have not cooked it for yourself.
Or if you prefer go with cereal and milk - but that is your HEA and HEB gone for the day on EE. And don't forget you can have as much fruit as you want - and hope they have Muller Lights as their yoghurts.

If pizza or nandos is your only choice - you can always go for pasta or salad at the pizza place. Nandos would be my choice out of those 2 though - and it would def be easier on EE.

We are going to a nice restuarant down on the beach - will stick to meat and veg - which will be fine on EE. Will use the majority of my syns on wine - but will likely sneak a pudding in too!
Well i was looking at wetherspoons and they do a steak so if I cut all the fat off and have it with salad and jacket and have an EE weekend. Do you have to save sins or can i use flexible instead??
Confused.com lol

big bear

A bear on a mission!
Well i was looking at wetherspoons and they do a steak so if I cut all the fat off and have it with salad and jacket and have an EE weekend. Do you have to save sins or can i use flexible instead??
Confused.com lol
Don't do wetherspoons as apparently its very high in syns look up wetherspoons in the eating out section
Does your hotel have a website? If so, you might be able to get an idea of what they serve for breakfast, so you can decide in advance. And many places will be quite happy to help if you ask for something slightly different.
Tomato & Mozzarella

Giant tomato and mozzarella parcels oven-baked in a rich tomato sauce finished with olive oil, basil & oregano, served with garlic bread.
This is only 4.5 syns on EE and will give the garlic bread to the OH.lol
So one meal sorted. Its a full cooked english and cereal and yogurts and things at the hotel. Will just be choosy. So pizza hut one night and Nando. Have the chicken breast with spicy rice and salad no dressing and skin off and that is about 7 so sorted I think. Now for the alcohol!!! lol
I have just spent 2 days away from home with work. I ended up taking a cool bag with some fruit, Mullerlite yoghurts, Alpen light bars and cheese curl crisps with me!
The hotel had cereals for breakfast, so I still managed my 2 weetabix...I even took a plastic container to measure my allowance out in!..oh and also Hellmanns extra light mayo and a tbsp! Lol...how sad am I???!!!
A hotel that does a cooked breakfast will usually do poached eggs if you ask for them, and you could have them on just one slice of wholemeal toast and tell them not to put any butter on it.

The hotel I stayed at last summer did cooked fried breakfasts which were the biggest I have ever seen, but they also did lovely poached eggs and also a very nice fruit salad. On my last day I treated myself to some bacon and a piece of fried bread - the first piece of fried bread I had eaten for years and I didn't like it at all!! Obviously, my tastes have changed.
Also...being a bit cheeky here!.....you are going on a romantic weekend..think exercise ;)
Well the weekend didnt really go as planned.
Went to Mcdonalds on the way and had porridge.
Dinner was Pizza hut and had nachos!!! the tomato parcels. and half a apple flapjack pudding.
Then had 4 vodka and diet coke.
Sat morning had porridge and fruit salad with scrambled eggs beans and bacon.
No lunch
dinner was a bite of a cheeseburger from Mcdonalds and from what i can remember about 8 vodka and 3 kopperburg mixed fruit ciders.
Sunday was porridge (felt delicate!!!)
Walking loads and went to York had a diet coke.
Chicken sandwich on route home thanks to Mcdonalds again.
Dinner was Chicken Korma rice 4 popadoms and some mango chutney!!!
So a BAD weekend for SW but a FAB weekend for LURVE!!!!
Was great and had an amazing time. Not too fussed about the scales on wed but going to have only 5 sins a day and eat lots of speed food and water til its pouring out my ears.
Hope everyone else had a good weekend too. Now back to shifting 3 stone!! lol
I really dont want to count up all those syns so the 2 days were FLEXI. lol

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