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Help needed- is it green day or extra easy?

Discussion in 'Slimming World' started by xsugarfairyx, 23 January 2014 Social URL.

  1. xsugarfairyx

    xsugarfairyx Gold Member

    Hello Im hoping to start slimming world once ive done the big shop, i tend to cook a lot with quorn as once i quite like it and two it seems to be working out cheaper. I just wanted to ask if i make my evening meals with quorn would it be better to do green days and just have like meat on a salad as a healthy extra (not sure if thats right) or would it be easier to just keep it extra easy. I hope I have made some sense. x
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  3. Gwella

    Gwella Silver Member

    At the end of the day, if you plan to have meat as a healthy extra it doesn't really make a lot of difference except that the Green will limit the portion slightly, so it depends on whether you think that helps you. If you feel that you will still be full and not have to load up too much on carbs or anything to compensate (which slows some people's losses), Green is fine. On Green I would recommend you still have one of the healthy extra B choices as fibre, as it is important to keep things moving, but that isn't a rule. You will have an optional second healthy extra A choice of extra milk/cheese as well, but you don't have to have it.

    Different people find different plans suit them better - some do say they lose a bit slower on Green as they eat more in carbs due to fewer obvious protein sources. The recommendations from SW now are that you use the 1/3 superfree rule on Red and Green as well as EE though, so that might help prevent this problem in the future.
  4. xsugarfairyx

    xsugarfairyx Gold Member

    Thank you for your help and advice, it is very much appreciated, i suppose i will just see how it goes day to day. :) x
  5. PatchworkPuss

    PatchworkPuss Gold Member

    I would say def go green because even if you use your second HEB for some meat you still benefit from having a second HEA and being able to use cheese as a HEB :)
  6. xsugarfairyx

    xsugarfairyx Gold Member

    Thanks patchwork. Just to clarify if I want to have meat one day but not the other can I switch between green and extra easy X
  7. PatchworkPuss

    PatchworkPuss Gold Member

    Yes you could follow a different plan every day if you really wanted to :)
  8. xsugarfairyx

    xsugarfairyx Gold Member

    Thanks very much for your help X
  9. joedenise

    joedenise Target Member

    I like to mix it up a bit and have a combination of Red, Green and EE depending on what I'm having for my evening meal.

  10. steph1212

    steph1212 Full Member

    I tend to mix up my days. It usually depends on what I have for breakfast. If I have a HEXB at breakfast then 9 times out of ten I'll end up doing a red or green day because I need the extra HEXB later in the day.
    If however I start the day with a fruit salad and yogurt for example, I find I can do an EE day because I still have my HEXB to play with later in the day.
    If I have a meal out, I'll generally do a red day to and have steak and salad or chicken and salad when I'm out.
    My healthy extras are like my treats because I'm a massive lover of bread and cheese!
    Mixing the days up is totally fine - do what suits you and your life that day. X
  11. steph1212

    steph1212 Full Member

    Oh also, quorn mince/pieces are also free on original so you could also have them on a red day.
    I'm guessing you asked so that you could replace the meat in spag Bol/chilli type dishes and have pasta/rice too but just incase, thought I'd give you the heads up! X
  12. xsugarfairyx

    xsugarfairyx Gold Member

    Thanks Denise and Steph. Yes I use quorn in spag bol and fanta chicken etc. Like you said I can see how it goes day by day in case I want a extra healthy extra X

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