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help needed please

Hi Jan,

The first thing is to pat yourself on the back for realising that there's something you want to sort (your weight) and you've already started looking into how to fix it (slimming world and this forum).

The best thing is just to forget your past and accept where you are now, and get the determination and motivation you need to start losing that weight and eating healthily.

Have you done slimming world before? Even if you have, I'd recommend going to classes as it's a great help, loads of information and definitely a good way to lose weight. This forum is fab for info and ideas too.
well perhaps a good place to start is back to the basics. Take some time this evening to plan the next seven days of meals and syns, compile a shopping list and read some old SW magazines success stories, it really does help to focus your mind back onto the reason you want to lose weight in the first place.

Good luck
Cobweb x
New girl

Hi I am new to this site. I registered a while ago but never really used it. I started the G.I diet a week ago. I am desperate to lose weight and work out 3-4 times a week for approx an hour each time. I would value your advice and support and would like to offer the same. Thanks :wave_cry:
Hi Guys,
l really appreciate you getting back to me l have done slimming world before but did not manage to loose anything really l have tried following the books that l have and have mostly green days but some are saying that you fill your plate with veg and others say fill plate 2 thirds full could this be where l am going wrong l have a very physical job where l do about 15000 steps a day between the hours of 7am to 1.30pm so it is not the excersise part of it
anyway many thanks for your help once again


Strutting her stuff
Hi! Congratulations for deciding to take action - that really is a big step. Even though you say you've done SW before I would recommend taking that next big step and going along to a class. Even if you only go for the first night to get the up to date books and advice from the consultant it will be money well spent. Things will have changed since the last time you did it and as you didn't lose then it is likely that you were going awry somewhere.

The green plan is great for keeping those hunger pangs at bay, and as a vegetarian I continue to follow it every day even though I'm a target member. There are no 'rules' about how much veg to have on a green day but I don't think this would have affected your weight loss either way.

Definitely put together a menu plan each day and post it in the food diary section here. You'll get loads of constructive advice from people on following the SW plans.

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