Attack Help needed please!


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Started my Attack phase last Thurs, was doing brilliantly, by Monday i had lost 7lbs! Felt fantastic, however it all stopped there. I have not lost a single pound since then. So four days. Was going to start my Veg today but may have some booze which i have not had in a long time for crimbo work do. So considering starting my veg on Monday. I have not been naughty, been working my arse off. Just feel let down tbh. Anyone can help or explain??
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Hi Bug,

sorry short reply:

1, yes that's quite normal. Losses are not linear and if you lost a lot at the start it inevitable slows down. If you have been on attack all this time, you may be a bit constipated? Get the Veg in quick, it's not good to attack for longer that 7-10 days and not much is usually gained by it either as you saw.

Second - ALcohol - DON'T DO IT. It will likely make you very ill, espe if you're just coming out of Attack... Have a look around existing threads on here (there is a good search function) and decided for yourself. It's not just the calories that matter here.

Good luck and welcome to cruise - enjoy the veg!
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I am no expert by any means but it seems like you have been on attack for a long time. Attack is meant as a short initial shock start into the diet and will only have limited impact, hense loosing 7lbs in 4 days and then not loosing anymore.

Some people have said before about spending 10 days on attack and experienced posters have said there is no point as you cannot loose weight the same way as in the first few days of attack.

Experienced dukaners please correct me if I am wrong....


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Not a good idea to carry on with attack, as others point out it doesn't really achieve much and may be counterproductive. You may have stalled for a number of reasons (is it TOTM?), but the alternating PP/PV works best for most people on a longer mission to lose after 7-10 days and you have a fair bit to go yet on your stats.

Alcohol is generally not a good idea on this kind of diet - puts too much strain on the kidneys and liver and the effects can result in massive hangovers! (I do speak from experience here so I wouldn't recommend it, although I perfectly understand - and have indulged in - a glass of red wine with my lonely steak when severely tempted!) It was good, but losing the weight was better..


No matter what, carry on!
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Do not let yourself tempted.
Keep the alcohol for the celebratory meals in Consolidation.
That's what I tell myself if I'm tempted by non-Dukan stuff:
"Not right now.... but later"

And "Yes", start the Cruise.
You need vegetables.
Do not be cruel to yourself.