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Extra Easy HELP needed to undo day out!


a new way of living!
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Hi all,

Happy Valentines day!

we went out yesterday with friends and decided to celebrate yesterday rather than today.

well, we met friends for a dinner, the men dissappeared outside (one brews beer so we just rolled our eyes expecting them to 'talk beer') then they reappeared with a boquet of flowers for each of us! we were gobsmacked, I was so pleased :D

I tried to be good with steak and jacket spud with salad, and no dessert... but the free bottle of wine was hard to resist, and as the men were driving, there was no one else to drink it really.... :eek:

so then I had a bacardi and coke (double) and half a pizza for supper, and this is after a cinema day friday where I calculated over 70 syns in cinema treats...

ok - so I have had the most amazing weekend (been back on track today) but, I dont want a gain, and was wondering, short of removing a limb, how I could speed up my weight loss by wednesday and counter act the indulgence? should I live on veg for a few days? tried not eating much today an did wii fit and shopping but got so hungry I came home and OH made me a lovely enoumous salad, I am making roast later (lamb, no spuds, just veg) is there anything I can do to undo my indulgence?

I really wanted a good loss this week.

any ideas appreciated!
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If you try to cut down too much you might end up going berserk in the fridge (I speak from personal experience)
Try eating speed and ss foods, minimal syns, lots of water, and a bit of exercise. It will limit the damage and you'll possibly get a loss if you're lucky and at least you'll know you did your best.


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I could have wrote that post MSB - weigh in Wednesday, I put on last week and this week I was going to be sooooooo good!!!

I have 4 syns to last me til Wednesday after eating buffet food at a work training day on Friday and then garlic bread, crutons, onion bits and 3 mini kit kats yesterday - ooops!

To try and counter act this, I am having an extra easy day today where my syns will be 1 for the whole day (2 tblspns of asda smart price ketchup!) I made a big vat of soup with carrot, swede, cabbage, onion and spices and plan on eating that before every lunch and dinner between now and weigh in! I may also stick a couple of red days in too. I have discovered butternut squash so make chips with it and this saves on some carbs and it is also a speed food!

Don't go down the "i've not eaten much" as you are more likely to eat more as the day goes on. Make good choices and go for super free and super speed foods and it should help.

And to counter act the sweet tooth, I have just made a base free syn free baked cheesecake that I am going to top with strawberries and have with fromage frais so it feels like I am indulging but I'm not!

Good luck!


a new way of living!
S: 12st11lb C: 11st8.5lb G: 8st3lb BMI: 29.7 Loss: 1st2.5lb(9.22%)
oh I love the idea of the butternut squash chips! I have one in the fridge too, mmm, that's a great idea. :D

OH bought me an ice cream maker for valentines, and i have just put a couple of activa fat free forest fruits in and set it going and it tastes lush and are free so I'm having that for dessert after dinner!

I eat a lot of superfree on EE, but will try and aim for speed too, must check in the book which ones they are.

water... blaaaaaluuup-eik, will try my best ;)

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Doesn't have to be plain water - sugar free cordial is ok, or pop some fresh lemon and lime in your water.

I think you need to prepare yourself for a gain. Best to err on the side of caution. Prepare for the worst! Then...if it's a maintain you can breathe a sigh of relief. Doesn't mean you'll get away with it though. Sometimes the indulgences take another week to show up.

I agree with the others - have plenty of superfree, speed foods. Don't go hungry or skip meals/snacks though. You'll just go off the rails! Make loads of vegetable soup to have for lunches or snacks. Try some superfree meals like vegetable stew or stuffed veggies, Moroccan veg tagine (love this, had it for dinner tonight). Snack on fruits.

Hope it was worth it! ;)


a new way of living!
S: 12st11lb C: 11st8.5lb G: 8st3lb BMI: 29.7 Loss: 1st2.5lb(9.22%)
it seemed like it was worth it at the time, but now I am not so sure! aside from a creme egg i counted syns for I have been good, but the scales at home are not very happy with me! it looks like I am maintaining but I really wanted a good wweight loss this week, I am bang on 12 st and wanted to get well in to the 11's.

I will just do my best to keep on track, drink more water and stay away from the other 4 creme eggs in the garage! will find out tomorrow either way.

hope everyone else is having a good week. :)
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You seem to be doing what you can so hang on in there and fingers crossed for a good wi x

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