HELP Needed!!!!!!!!!


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I have been taking Xenical for 5 weeks now. I had my first weigh in after 3 weeks and had lost 7lbs which I was happy with. I have been on the scales this morning and have not lost any more weight. The story of my life! I have 3 and a half stone to lose so its not that I don't have weight to get rid of.

Why is this? Has this happened to anyone else? What did you do?

I really need to lose this weight and thought I was doing this right with the 5g of fat rule.

Any advice you can give me would be really useful. I'm lost with what to do now.

Karen :cry:
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Hi Karen,
Firstly, well done on losing your first half stone! :)
It's difficult to know why you haven't lost anything for a couple of weeks, without knowing exactly what you're eating, but these are the only things I can think of:
- are you eating too many calories? Food that is low in fat (i.e. under the 5% rule) sometimes has a lot of sugar or other high calorie ingredients, so watch out for this.
- are you constipated!? (you don't have to answer this! Just make sure you're drinking loads of water and eating fruit and veg to keep yourself regular)
- is it TOTM? some people retain lots of water at this time.
- are you exercising? I can't lecture on this because I HATE exercise, but it does speed up your metabolism and your weight loss in general.

Could you perhaps post a food diary for a couple of days on here? I'm sure you'd get lots of useful advice if you're going wrong somewhere.
Try not to get too disheartened, you will be able to sort this out and start losing again, sometimes it just takes a little while.


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Your doing great, our bodies all lose weight at different rates. try to keep a food diary, but don't get too stressed about it, it will come off.


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Hi , don't be dissheartened everybody losses weight at different rates , also slow and steady the more chance there is of it staying off.

As alex stay although you stick to the 5g fat rule so called "diet" foods tend to replace the fat with sugars , try eating fresh foods and cooking meals like that , also drink plenty of water I find that it not only keeps you hidrated but fills up the stomach and makes you feel full up quicker.


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I tend to find with my weight loss I'll have a great loss 1 week and next to nothing the next week. Even if I've done the same and eaten roughly the same each week this is the pattern my body has got into and I've accepted it...altho I get easily frustrated on the week where I loose not much! xx


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try to depend on only one set of scales like the docs! as i could move my around the house n get a different weight every 1" of movement. my house ones r dodgy i go with the ones at the gym n my docs r the same as them.


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Half a stone is great - well done you! Cant wait for my first weigh in - is that wrong?? Anyway, just keep at it - as my darling hubby says - the weight didnt go on overnight so it aint coming off overnight - but WE WILL DO IT!!!!


Go on smile! =)
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Karen i totally understand your frustration im the same unlike alot of people who loose 3-5lbs my weightloss has stayed steady at around 2lb a week. Sometimes you will stay the same it happens to everyone when trying to loose weight myself included.

The important thing is not to let this minor set back stop you from achieving your goals. You've done amazing up to now, stick with it and in a few weeks you wont even think twice about this.