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Help needed! :(

I'm posting this as a seperate thread incase people ignore my diary hehe :p

Hmmmm, it would seem we are in a bit of a pickle.....

I orderd from exante yesterday at about half 9 in the morning so the stuff would turn up today. Got a confirmation email that said i'd get one when the items shipped.

No emails after that, order sat on completed on their website and money gone from my bank.

Items havn't turned up yet and as its 5pm I doubt they will now, tried ringing them at half 4 to be told by a recorded message their offices are closed and they are open 9-5 monday to friday like I'd rang out of hours.

Now the CD left overs I had are about to run out (there will be 3 left after today between two of us!), what on earth am I supposed to do? :(
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Guess who's back...?
Oh goodness! Fingers crossed your packs arrive early tomorrow...

Failing that, do you know anyone else on CD that could lend you a few extra packs? Or any Exante people in Norwich??

I'm miles away I'm afraid, otherwise I'd throw you some of my old LL ones.

Worst case scenario, you'd have to have a small Atkins style protein rich meal in the evening, which is a nightmare as it really messes with your head - but at least you have a chance at staying in ketosis...

Hope they arrive quickly! :(

A x


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They deliver by courier so you still might get your delivery today.

Send them an email now and mark it urgent and they will get it first thing in the morning. They do have a good reputation for prompt replies and service.

If you have a pharmacy near you that does Lipotrim you could buy some of the maintenance products to get you buy for a few days.

The soup and bars are bland enough not to take you out of ketosis...I would avoid the maintenance shakes as they taste very sweet and might trigger your cravings.
Do you have an email address I can use Mini? Finding a telephone number was hard enough. I sent them a message using the contact form as that's all I could find.

Might have to ring round the local CDC's and see if someone would be kind enough to sell me enough packs for the weekend if I need them.
check the address the courier was delivering to exante gave them the wrong name and address for my second order even though it was correct on my account .i called them and emailed but they never replied in the end the courier company sorted it out for me i was fuming
All the addresses on the emails/invoice on the site are fine it would seem.

Wondering if I should start ringing round the CDC's tonight or wait and see what tomorrow brings, but if it doesn't show and I leave it till then and a CDC can't help me I'll be up shitcreek!
You could go to Tesco or Holand and Barrat and see if you can get some Protien Powder like the body builders use. Now this stuff isn't designed to be used as a total food replacement but in an emergency and for just a couple of days I could be tempted.
Well, that was painless. First CDC I ring is absolutely lovely and says that's not a problem would just need to fill out the medical form. She even started asking me about exante as she'd not heard of it before and she only lives in the next village, result! I can relax now hehe

Although if I have to resort to it it's going to cost me extra money which was the whole point of doing exante grrr!
I reckon you should contact Exante and kick up hell - a box of goodies from them might be some consolation for them messing up.
Hmmmm, I'm not impressed at all if I'm honest. Tried ringing them again this morning just now and it goes to the recorded message of office not open please call back between 9-5 again. Doesn't seem very professional to not answer your phones :/

short and dumpy

We are Flab-ou-Less!
just to keep you updated, i recieved an email this afternoon as follows:

Your order will be delivered
6 September Your order from H L Fulfilment Services will be delivered 6 September by Interlink Express. Can you please ensure that someone will be available to sign for the parcel at:

You can track your order at any time by clicking below.

From the morning of 6 September you will also be able to view your one hour delivery timeslot by clicking below.

We trust that you are happy with our service and thank you for your order.

H L Fulfilment Services.
the email went directly to my junk mail folder, and has no mention of exante, but it will be my boxes. maybe one like this has snuck into your junk mail?

i ordered late last night, and as they dont deliver over the weekend, this will be the next working day.

Directly after i placed the order, i recieved an email, from exante themselves stating:
Hello sarah matthews,
Thank you for your order from Exantediet.com. Once your package ships we will send an email with a link to track your order. You can check the status of your order by logging into your account. If you have any questions about your order please contact us at Expose Email or search our FAQs online.
Your order confirmation is below. Thank you again for your business.
so far. it has been as normal... the only difference i noticed was this time i had to click to have next day delivery when ordering, rather than it automatically being checked.


:( hope you get yours soon, i will hopefully catch the post with some packs for you

i hope if you click on the above links you might get somewhere
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short and dumpy

We are Flab-ou-Less!
made the last post so hopefully you will get them tomorrow morning
Thank you ever so much!

I'd just come on to tell you they apparently tried to deliver today but couldn't. They didn't leave a card but also claimed they did!

Anyway it's being re delivered monday, so emergency avoided with your kind help we'll last it out hehe.

Thanks again you've been super kind!
Really relieved for you Poogatch. As you say, this is hard enough without extra stress!

Still doesn't explain why they didn't deliver yesterday though, does it?

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