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Help Needed......

Hello All

I am on day 5 and I still feel awful! Is this normal? I feel exausted and really quite sick - Is this just my body going through the motions? I dont have as bad headaches today but have NO energy

Any help or advice would be really appreciated

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Hopefully your headaches are just carb withdrawal and should ease up in next day or so. Are you drinking enough water. I aim for three to four litres a day but make sure you keep drinking little and often as taking slot if water all at once can make you feel grotty as it dilutes all your sodium and potassium levels.
Keep going. It will pass and you do find yourself with amazing energy levels. x x x
Thank you, bubble baths and early nights are helping at the moment - Fingers crossed it passes soon! xx
I know! Sleeping is my new best friend! Im dreaming that I wake up slim haha! x
Im on day 4 of my VLCD and I'm feeling the same.. But super struggling with cooking for my kids more than anything :(

Have any of your sleeping habits changed? I'm finding that I'm sleeping so heavily now, before I would toss and turn in sleep and never reach deep sleep but now, I wake up in the same position I sleep in and feel so achy and heavy??
MissNJ, I'm the opposite :( I wake up about 3:30 to 4am and can't sleep again! But then I don't feel too tired after it gets to about 9am, until 9:30pm. Then I'm knackered due to lack of sleep the night before. I hate the tossing and turning!
Yeah what is all the tossing and turning about ? Did that till 5 am then must have fallen into deep sleep as woke at ten !!! That never happens ! X
I know! Sleeping is my new best friend! Im dreaming that I wake up slim haha! x
i had a dream last night that i ate a cadburys choc bar.. was mortified with myself in the dream! as i dont even like milk chocolate!!! x
I have food dreams aswell! Your mind plays tricks with you its weird! I am sleeping much better than I did before I lost a few pounds - Maybe my body isnt fighting so hard when Im sleeping to burn off all the bad food! xxxx
I also dont sleep very well, just keep tossing and turning and waking up at 6am. arghhhhh

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