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Help needed

Discussion in 'Slimming World' started by hel8, 21 January 2014 Social URL.

  1. hel8

    hel8 I'm just looking!

    Hi everyone, I'm having a bad day (down to my depression) I feel like I'm on the verge of a massive binge, ( pacing the room as I speak) I don't want to fail so soon as I've only just started back. Any help will be really welcome. Thanks all, Helen
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  3. Janey2014

    Janey2014 Full Member

    Don't do it! Stay on here and have a look around the boards to keep you occupied.

    Imagine how you would feel afterwards if you had a binge, it's not worth it. You would feel good only for the time you were binging.

    Is there anything you can snack on, within the SW plan? Have you had dinner yet?

    Don't let it beat you, you can do this!
  4. Happy Holidays

    Happy Holidays Gold Member

    Brush your teeth, do something with your hands, eg knitting, sewing. Prepare the next few days menu, have you had your syns for today?

    When you binge what would you normally go for?
  5. hel8

    hel8 I'm just looking!

    I know I'd feel bad after, and probably feel more depressed but I just can't get a grip, I had food earlier, but just got this urge to eat, bread, cheese, crisps, that sort of thing, it's overpowering.
  6. Jeanne Von Buttonpopper

    Jeanne Von Buttonpopper Silver Member

    Hi, you need some distraction techniques just to focus your mind elsewhere for the time being. Why not check out Slimming World - Inspirational Photos if you haven't been on this thread before this will take up quite a lot of your time looking at everyone else's before and after photos. You become totally engrossed in it and before you know it you can spend an hour or more looking and it really does spur you on when you see how well this diet works. Good luck hun, I hope this helps a little :)
  7. Happy Holidays

    Happy Holidays Gold Member

    Ok, it's going to be tough, and these feelings will get more and more apart & less often.

    Have you had your hexa&b for today? if not you could have cheese on toast, do you have any syns for more cheese on toast or crisps, right now fruit isn't going to cut it, how about making something like beans & cheese or a pasta in sauce just add a few veggies for your 1/3 superfree.
  8. hel8

    hel8 I'm just looking!

    I'm on red days, and I've had my B's and my syns today, I'm just wishing the time to go by so I can go to bed, I will go on to the photo thread now and hopefully pass some time, thank you all so much for your replies, it means a lot to know someone's listening.
  9. green eyed monster

    green eyed monster Silver Member

    is that a staffie baby in your avatar?

    i agree with having a look through the pictures and inspirational things.

  10. hel8

    hel8 I'm just looking!

    Not so much a baby anymore, she's 9 now, but now you mentioned it, yes very much a baby, spoilt rotten
  11. hel8

    hel8 I'm just looking!

    Yes I've been looking at the photo's, they are amazing, going to look at the recipie threads for some simple meals, as I don't always feel like cooking, but realise just picking throughout day can lead to failure. Thanks again ladies for watching my back, hopefully tomorrow I will feel a bit better. Helen
  12. green eyed monster

    green eyed monster Silver Member

    aww bless her. i have 2 babies myself. x

    are you feeling a little better now?
  13. hel8

    hel8 I'm just looking!

    Aww that's lovely, feeling a bit more settled now, thank you for asking.
  14. green eyed monster

    green eyed monster Silver Member

    hope you are ok today Helen.

  15. Gwella

    Gwella Silver Member

    Only saw this now but hope you feel better today in terms of the depression and the cravings. Mental health issues are an absolute bummer when it comes to weight loss, but you can do it!
  16. hel8

    hel8 I'm just looking!

    Good morning all, after all that wishing I could go to bed early I was still awake at 4, so not long got up, and feeling really groggy, had a couple of mugs of tea and trying to come up with some sort of menu for today to keep me busy, that's the trouble with depression it takes all my mental energy just to get out of bed and do some basics around the house, so sad to say cooking things from scratch I am finding difficult.

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