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Help needed!

I'm fairly new to slimming world and trying to be as good as I can be with my diary! Please can someone roughly help me with how many syns this would be so I can adjust the rest of the week!
3 bites Slimming world spinach and ricotta pie
A bite of chicken pie
A bite of cottage pie
5 onion ring crisps
1/2 Cornish pasty
Small slice of rhubarb pie
Small slice of apple and blackberry pie
A tbsp of whipped cream

It was a homemade pie party (guess which one I made!!)
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Sorry Kiki - I've no idea how you would even start to syn that lot. I suppose it would depend on what crusts were involved and how much crust in a bit etc., lol. Thing is though - I really think you're not supposed to adjust for the rest of the week.

When I went to slimming world classes, we were told that every day is a new day - so adjusting the rest of the week to make up for a bad day is not something you do in Slimming World - whether you've had 2 syns or 200 syns in a day, the next day you still have the same daily syn allowance you always have. So I would just mark that off as a bad day and tomorrow have a good but normal day.
Thanks I know it's complicated! My group leader said you have 5-15 a day or 70 a week so you could adjust if you were having a blow out- I thought that was kinda the point?!


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S: 16st8lb C: 16st0.5lb G: 13st10lb BMI: 36.2 Loss: 0st7.5lb(3.23%)
If your consultant says to do that, then it must be right so - it's a few years since I went to class so it must have changed. Good luck synning it, lol.


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It's really hard to work out syns for something without knowing the size and sys of the "whole", especially with measurements like "bites".

In scientific research articles that manipulate or measure "bite size" as part of an examination of eating habits, typically you'll see around 5 grams as a small bite size and around 15 grams as a large bite size -- that is, the amount of food a person puts in his/her mouth when eating meal foods like sandwiches and entrees.

An individual person's actual bite size varies quite a bit according to their mouth size, their BMI, how much they like the food, the size of the portion of the food, and a number of other factors.
Homemade stuff is even MORE of a nightmare as you have no way of knowing what the ingredients are. They only thing you can do is look at bought versions of what you ate and get some sort of rough idea from those. You know the syns of the one you made but here are some comparrisons from the SW website for the rest:

Chicken pie (100g) - 13
Iceland Family Roast Chicken Pie, frozen 800g pack (200g serving) - 25½

Cottage pie, chilled standard (400g pack) - 12½

Onion rings snacks (25g) 6½

Co-op Cornish Pasty, chilled (130g each) - 18½
Cornish pasty (mini) - 9½

Co-op Rhubarb Pie, in store bakery 4 portion (per portion) - 16
Tesco Rhubarb Crumble, chilled 4 portion (per portion) - 17

Waitrose Apple & Blackberry Pie, chilled 4 portion (per portion) - 12
Co-op Apple, Blackberry & Redcurrant Pie, in store bakery 4 portion (per portion) 15½

Whipping cream (100ml) 18½

As far as daily/weekly syns goes . . . as far as I know (and from personal experience) weekly syns don't work nearly as well. If I'm going out to dinner or someones house I prefer to flexi-syn. I keep my syns low the rest of that day and week and don't stress too much about working out syns for what I ate while out, because it's impossible to get it exact. :)

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