1. Mizkirsty

    Mizkirsty Gold Member

    I I've NEVER done ww before.

    I've joined online tonight! And I'm super confused!

    With simple start - is it literally the foods listed I can eat in whatever potion I like - so crumpets for breakfast. The tuna salad for lunch. Etx etc. So any of the foods are in an "unrestricted portion" (I'm not suggesting I eat giant amounts but what I mean is I don't have to weigh!)

    I do this for two weeks before starting pro points?

    So veggies and fruits are unlimited. I can snack on them all day. - or is this a set 3 meal plan with two snacks?

    Sorry I'm just super confused! Xx
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  3. sarah88

    sarah88 Gold Member

    Think u do one week of free foods with 2 treats a day, u should have a list of treats I think butter ketchup is treated as a treat and then the second week u have the free foods with 49 weeklies for ur treats, u can eat as much as u want of the free foods until u r satisfied! U can go onto pp after the 2 wks but u could also stay on simply filling if u prefer that or u can do a mixed week of pp and sf

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  4. Amberley13

    Amberley13 Member

    Hi there, on simple start you eat only until you are satisfied from the foods on the list then add 2 treats per day from the treat list. You do this for 2 weeks then you can either do filling and healthy where you still eat from the simple start list and have 49 weeklies ( instead of the 2 treats) or you do counting points where b y you have your daily set amount of points plus 49 weeklies. Hope that helps, I've been following WW for several months now but have decided to switch to filling and healthy plan for a month to see how I get on, good luck.
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