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HELP,Nightout and alcohal?


Starting again...
My friend has asked me to go out 2nite!
I havent been out for about 4 months, what do I drink? She will buy me a drink regardless of my diet, will smirnoff ices do me much damage???:confused:
Yes that would be one of the WORST choices.

It is not advisable to drink on a VLCD but if you have to choose either vodka and soda water or dry white wine.

Also drink water inbetween each drink if you have more than one.
In all honesty, hun, I would have to advise you not to drink any alcohol at all.

If you are in ketosis, then you will have no glycogen in your liver or muscle tissue and your body will have to work harder to process the alcohol. Sometimes people can get very ill in this way.

I would strongly suggest that you stick to soda or mineral water to prevent any unpleasant side effects and/or weight gain.

Hope you have a lovely night, though - it's very interesting being the only sober person out on the town! lol


Cambridge Diet Counsellor
I agree with isobel, you need to ask yourself if it's really worth coming out of ketosis - for me the answer would be a big no. I've stuck to sparkling water on nights out like yours and TBH no one has really commented at all................a little tip that always works is to offer to be the driver :)

Just remind yourself that this isn't forever and the better you stick to it, the sooner you'll be SLIM :D


Starting again...
a little tip that always works is to offer to be the driver :)

I dont drive :( My husband is ready and waiting in the car if I feel ill. I will allow myself One drink then water.

If anyone offers me a drink I should ask them to give me the cash instaed LOL:eek:


Finally...Life begins
A good tip is to say your on medication for something and can't drink!! No one really questions that.

You could say, ear infection? Tooth ache?! On Antibiotics etc
I would go for explaining that you haven't actually had a 'normal' meal for a fair period of time now, and after one drink, you may well be lying on the floor!
I have to admit i drank wine 2/3 times a week for the last four months of LL (I was on LL for 8 months in total). I always had a bottle of water inbetween each glass and i never got past the tipsy stage. I just can't enjoy myself in pubs and clubs whilst sober, it delayed me getting to target by 1.5 months but it was worth it cos i was having a whale of a time from size 14 down to size10/12,

I know it's not recommended though, but it did me no harm at all (at least i hope not!!).



Starting again...
Well I had a fantastic night I had a couple of drinks felt fine, :) I danced so much that I think I must have lost a few lb's lol.

I had a choc orange bar and cup of tea when I got in at 3am :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek:

Me and the girls have never in 8 years had anything to eat after going out so that was not a problem:cool:

Im only 25 and for once I acted my age and had a jolly good time, rather then acting to old for my age and being boring housewife with kids lol,
Its nice to have a change! Oh well back to reality today :D

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