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Help please!!! Anyone????


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S: 14st1lb C: 13st0lb G: 11st0lb BMI: 28.5 Loss: 1st1lb(7.61%)

I am in day 5 of ss and am doing well and sticking to it 100% so far....however I am SO looking forward to eating real food again!

So my question is, what is add a meal? I saw something about it yesterday but cant find much info on what it actually is?? When do I get to do it etc...??

Thanks for any help!

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Add a meal is when you have a small protein meal, I think its 200 cals for 7 days. It used to be every 5th week was add a meal but i think you can do 12 weeks of SS but i hope someone else comes on to clarify that for you.
Your meal options are in your CD booklet. I enjoyed cottage cheese with brocolli and slices of turkey and didnt venture out of that comfort zone.
A lot of people find that they get a bigger weight loss after add a meal.


Hi Cat !

Yes, Molly is right - you can do Sole Source for 12 weeks, then move to 810 programme in week 13 or you can move to Sole Source Plus programme ( with food option ) at any time during your first 12 weeks for a week , but you must move to 810 programme in week 13 for a week.



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Sole Source Plus Meals​
One of the Sole Source Plus options allows you to
include a 200 kcal meal with your three Cambridge
servings. It is important that you measure your
portions very carefully at this stage, to ensure no
more than 200 kcal. Again your Counsellor will
provide advice.
The meal should be ‘white and green’ meaning
a portion of protein and some green vegetables. For
example, as a basis choose one of the following*
(each is about 150 kcal). Vary your choice each
a) 12 0g chicken or turkey breast without skin
b) 19 0g cod, haddock or other white fish
c) 250g steamed tofu
d) 200g quorn
e) 180g tuna (in water)
f) 22 5g cottage cheese (reduced fat)​
(For choices a – d, try steaming, baking, microwaving
or poaching in a little lightly seasoned
Then add about two tablespoons of any vegetables
(cooked or raw) from the following list:​
asparagus broccoli
cabbage cauliflower
celery courgettes
cucumber lettuce (all kinds)
No added salt should be used but flavours can
be increased and enhanced by the use of calorie
free dressings and seasonings. Avoid oil based salad
dressings and those containing fat.​
*28g = 1 oz
Here is the link to the brochure.

Love Mini xxx

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