Help please - hit a deadend, really low


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I have lost 8 stone since june. Up until christmas I was sole sourcing.

However - at christmas I ate. Ever since I have had a nightmare on the diet. I am sooooo close to goal. I have just 5 pounds to go!!! But I have started a starve binge cycle. I do sole source for 3 days - but feel so doggy and weak that I suddenly pig out!!! I am ashamed and cant believe I am doing this.

I feel like I am sabataging myself. I have been feeling weak and tired since I reached 11 stone 6 - and ever since then have found it increasingly hard.

I have a weigh in tomorrow and I know that everybody will be disappointed in me - as I know I have put on weight. Because I have lost so much - I feel real pressure to be a success.

My thoughts are that sole source just isnt healthy for me now I am slimmer. SHould I just go onto the the 70 plan? I feel this might stop the binging/falling off of the wagon.
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from what i have read on here, those on the 790 plan lose as much on 790 as they do SSing.

u would have to go on 790 to go onto th steps of maintenance anyways so shouldnt u have already started the steps when u r so close to goal?

am i talking rubbish (again :eek: )??


If butterscotch is on CD why are you still sole sourcing with only 5 pounds to go??

Agree - Butterscotch - calm down, its OK, its normal to feel like you do when you are so close to the end. I recommend you speak with your CDC as you should be on 790 now. Stop the binging, stay focused, keep drinking the water and remember your target - if you fall off the wagon now you will just be fighting yourself and could start to undo that tremendous result you have worked so hard to achieve. I bet you look a Million Dollars now, remember how hard you have worked and how you looked at the start of this - look at yourself in the mirror, hold your head high - be proud, you have done incredibly well - now finish the job!

Good luck



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What I would do is set yourself 1 final goal, with 8st lost its very easy for you to lose sight as you must look bluddy amasing and all the compliments, whilst fantastic sometimes make us sabotage!

What I would do is start from tomorrow with AAM, then next friday do 790 and then move up, I lost a stone in maintence so you are fine to move up now.

You need to know where the end is, otherwise there will never be an end in sight.

Trust me on this one, I had to set myself an end to SS, its hard but I would have sabbotaged big time without setting that end.

If you dont you will continue to SS/Break/SS/Break and then you will never reach the final goal that you need to.

My main aim was to reach 11st, I had to reach that marker so I would never ever go over that again, so either set your marker as it is now or AAM/790 to 11st and then take maintainence from there.

After months of not eating you do get to this point and I know that if I hadnt stopped SS when I did, at the marker I set then I would not be maintaining now x

Let me know if you need anything x

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You should not follow a VLCD unless you are a stone over BMI 25. VLCD is SS, AAM and 790.

With only 5lbs to go you should be on 1200/1500 cals by now, unless you are from the Asian population where the BMI rules are slightly different.

Give your CDC a call. I would recommend AAM 2 days, 790 for a couple of days, then a couple of days on 1000, up to 1200 then on to 1500.

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S: 20st0lb C: 19st10lb G: 12st0lb Loss: 0st4lb(1.43%)
Thanks for your replies everybody. I have taken on board what you have all said and appreciate your support.

My BMI is 26 and I think that you are right - I am going onto aam and then 790. Linda - like you said I think that I shouldnt be on a vlcd - so am going to move up like you suggested.

I actually feel better for making a decision. To keep up an unrealistically high expectation and keep failing is setting me back. I have done well - I have lost 8 stone on cambridge and in total I have lost 10 stone - so it is more than I ever thought I would.

Thanks for the advice - amy tips on maintance appreciated! xx


good luck BS as you continue your journey. Youre doing the right thing, once your heart isnt in SS it becomes a constant battle...with you as the victim of the war and you really deserve to be feeling great about yourself. Look at what you have achieved not what you have yet to achieve.

Hugs...and wow! what an inspiration...:eek:


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S: 19st7lb C: 18st2lb G: 9st7lb BMI: 49.6 Loss: 1st5lb(6.96%)
10 stones! well done! i am aiming to lose that much so is nice to hear successful people. good luck on should help u get on track. and no more fab!